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​I love technology and personal gear, and I love to enjoy the outdoors well prepared and equipped. As a software engineer, my main line of work keeps me tied to computers and usually closed environments for a big part of the day. And that makes me crave for good quality time outdoors. No matter how long or short, I want to enjoy my time leisure time outside (or inside for that matter, but tend to prefer the outdoors mostly).

Patagonian Lakes journey

Martin and his Sevylor Big Basin, ​in a camping and kayaking ​trip ​througout ​the Patagonian Lakes

No matter the activity I perform out of my line of business, I want it to be as enjoyable as possible. And a big part of that comes from the aid my gear provides. What's the fun on going out for a paddling session if my kayak doesn't track well? Or what if I choose to ride my one-wheeler through the city park, but it can't cope well with the slopes? You get the idea... leisure time wasted being annoyed at your less-than-average gear!

With that in mind, I found myself spending a huge amount of hours researching online every piece of equipment I wanted to get. All this exercise uncovered a sad truth: It was impossible to know everything I needed to know about a piece of equipment quickly and from one trusty source. Often sites only listed the manufacturers features. Other's just mixed up every review (good and bad) with no overall sense of the importance and truthfulness of their claims.

So a pattern started to emerge during my "gear research time". I started collecting the information about features, the good and the bad. Also got really interested in what other verified customers/owners of the equipment had to say. And started to take notes and I weighted the importance of each of their experiences. A pretty daunting job for the average person that just wants to "buy a roof rack to transport a kayak", right?

Then I asked myself: "Does everyone need to go through all of this just to make sure they make an informed purchase?". The next idea was obvious. "I'm already doing all this research for multiple types of equipment and gear... why not share my findings and experience, so others can get an easier time when going through the same process?" And that's when Gear Priest was born!

My aim, and also of everyone else that makes Gear Priest, is to provide truly helpful information about activities, gear and equipment, often used for leisure activities outdoors. We publish informational articles, advice and guides about all the activities we love, so you can know more and get the most out of them too.

We also focus on the best gear available to perform ​our favorite activites, we usually publish product lists and ​products​ reviews, so you can know everything that's worth and important in a single place. Our objective is to make your life easier and simpler, and help you make an informed decision if a piece of gear is the right choice for you.

Thanks a lot for your visit. ​We hope you enjoy GearPriest.com!

gear /gɪr/ n.

  • implements, tools, or apparatus, especially as used for a particular occupation or activity;
  • portable items of personal property;
  • wearing apparel;

priest (prēst), n.

  • a minister of any religion;
  • one whose job or position is to perform religious ceremonies or rites;

The Gear Priest team preaches everything you ever need to know about personal gear! 

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We would love to hear from you! Please let us know what content you enjoy and what do you want to see more of in the website. Also if you have any question or suggestion, it would be very well received and promptly answered. Please write us to contactus@gearpriest.com.

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