The Best Compact Treadmill You’ll Find Anywhere – Online or Offline

The Best Compact Treadmills

Looking for a quality, compact treadmill that doesn’t hog too much space?

Last week we spent three entire days checking out compact treadmills of every type and brand – both online and offline. What we uncovered can save you countless hours of your own research and hundreds of wasted dollars. But perhaps most important of all, the piece you’re reading right now can spare you the pain, regret and utter frustration of choosing what you thought was the best compact treadmill for your needs – only to realize you made a big mistake.

Our top choice overall in the compact treadmill category is the NordicTrack T Series. But continue reading, as this is a matter of personal choice and preference, and there might be a better treadmill suited from your needs in the list.


What Are We Reviewing For The Best Compact Treadmills?

After checking out endless options in the marketplace, we narrowed the list to our top models we found. After rounding out our best compact treadmill list, we realized there were two other treadmills that also deserved to be included, so we’ve added two bonus listings. For some folks – these added selections will provide the solution you’ve been looking for.

For each product, we’ll provide a description of the features and benefits – as well as the specifications that are most important to buyers like you.

The Best Compact Treadmills

#1. Xterra Fitness TR 150 Folding Treadmill

Whether you want to get back in shape after a period of relative inactivity, simply want to maintain your shape, or get some regular physical exercise – the Xterra treadmill is a solid option to consider.

It’s comfortable to use, yet designed to challenge you and increase your fitness level at your own pace. The Xterra features a 5 inch LCD display that keep you updated on your speed, time used, distance traveled, calories burned and your pulse. Its 16″ x 50″ tread surface is smaller than some, but certainly adequate for most adults.

Preset speeds range from .5 mph up to 10 mph so it’s good for multiple fitness levels. While most home treadmills monitor distance, speed, time and calories, this one goes a step further by monitoring your heart rate directly from the handlebars.

One of the most important factors to consider when pondering a treadmill purchase is the deck or base. That’s the walking or running area – where your feet make contact with the treadmill. Xterra has got you covered with a cushioned deck providing maximum absorption on impact.

If fact it’s the deck design and construction that makes the Xterra among the best compact treadmills, with multiple cushioning points, providing comfortable support and impact absorption with every step.

Speaking of design and construction, the Xterra is constructed of heavy duty gauge steel frame. It’s a small treadmill that’s built tough. It folds up quickly and easily to save you floor space when you’re not using it.

The console itself is readily accessible and easy to use. There are numerous features integrated into the console including a portable music player, water bottle holder, and phone holder. There’s also a built-in reading rack, which really helps you get added value out of your workouts. And this model comes with a remote control, giving you total control of the machine from the palm of your hand.

The Xterra motor is more than adequate at 2.25 hp. And it runs smoothly and relatively quietly – even at higher speeds. The manual incline adjustment offers three different levels (1°… 1.5°… and 2°.). Each can help boost the intensity of your workouts.

When set up for use, the Xterra measures 63.4 inches long by 28.75 inches wide by 51.4 inches high. Folded up, that footprint is significantly reduced to 28.5 inches in length by 28.75 inches wide by 61 inches high, as the deck is lifted into an upright position. 250 pounds is the maximum recommended weight for users of the Xterra compact treadmill. And the warranty offered includes one full year on the motor and 90 days on parts and labor.

Almost all treadmills come with some form of assembly required. Fortunately, the Xterra is relatively quick and simple to put together. But it’s always a good idea to have some assistance as the base unit is quite heavy. Two adults can handle it, but it’s not something you’re going to want to move often. That’s why it’s important to choose the best location for your treadmill from the get-go.

What’s Good About It

  • Xterra is a sturdy, well functioning compact treadmill
  • 5 inch display monitor is easy to see and displays a graphic of a track, so that you can easily monitor your distance from a visual perspective.
  • motor seems quite strong and capable (even after a couple years of regular use, it runs as smoothly as it does when it’s new).

What’s Not So Good

  • tread size may be a little too compact for running


This treadmill is rated by well over 1100 actual buyers as a 4.1 out of 5 possible stars. It’s a well built compact treadmill that clearly delivers a satisfactory experience.

For taller folks, it may be that the best way to use this treadmill is for power-walking or jogging. Depending on your size and stride, you may find the tread just right – or a little short – for a full-length running stride. This treadmill could be one of the best in the market for middle sized people.

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#2. ProForm Smart Performance 600i Treadmill

The ProForm Performance 600i treadmill is a notable step up from the average in the small treadmill market. It scores a solid 4.0 out of 5 stars, though this is from a relatively small sampling of previous buyers.

What the Performance 600i treadmill offers is a 2.5 continuous horsepower motor and a tread deck size of 18″ x 55″. Speeds range from 0 to 10 mph and it comes equipped with an EKG heart rate sensor built into the handlebars. This model also provides incline and decline adjustments from 0 to 10% – so if you want to experience vigorous workouts and push yourself to reach a superior fitness level, this is one machine that can take you there. Good thing there’s a built-in fan to cool you down during those heavier workouts.

This ProForm compact treadmill offers a weight capacity of 300 pounds. What we found most impressive on the 600i is the full size 10 inch full-color touch display. It’s designed to be used with the iFit coaching system, where you can follow personal trainers through high-powered studio workouts or travel the world’s most beautiful scenery while you exercise.

Incidentally with this treadmill, you also get a free one-year membership to iFit – which is highly recommended. You also have the option of using the treadmill without iFit. In this case, the screen shows a track, indicating your progress on it as it records the number of laps, speed and calories burned- as well as the time you’ve spent on the treadmill.

When connected to iFit, you can let your personal trainer guide your machines – both in terms of speed and incline – as you follow them through a variety of different programs. With this program connected to your treadmill, you enter some basic details (like height and weight) and it more accurately tracks calories burned and keeps your records for as long as your membership remains active. You can exercise from the comfort of home and get the professional trainer experience to help push you a whole new level of fitness conditioning.

Despite its far-reaching capability on the fitness forefront, the ProForm Performance 600i is built as a space-saver treadmill. Simply fold it up to save space after your workouts.

Put it to the test and invariably you’ll find that this compact treadmill is up to the challenge. It’s also more than capable of growing with you as you improve your fitness level over time. There’s room on both sides of the console for a water bottle, eyeglasses, phone, or whatever you need to put aside as you workout.

Built-in digital quick speed controls mean you can take control of your workout by varying speeds as you exercise. Likewise, there are quick incline controls so you can adjust your incline up to 10% at the touch of a button. This feature alone is worth noting. It’s an easier way to adjust inclines (versus the manual method) on the go which most compact treadmills offer – if they have this feature at all.

While not the same as a commercial treadmill, most buyers find this one is quite capable as a quality treadmill for home use. Its reinforced running deck is stable and the motor is a proven performer.

What’s Good About It

  • noise level on this treadmill is about average (not too noisy but certainly not silent either)
  • comes with plenty of built in features
  • excellent value for the price, this space saving treadmill is a good buy
  • monitor size is larger than many competing treadmills
  • relatively easy to put together (o you’ll be walking, jogging or running in no time)
  • compatible iFit coaching program helps keep you fired up (chances are you’ll get a much better workout than you’ll accomplish on your own)

What’s Not So Good

  • the footprint it occupies is about half that when fully set up
  • this treadmill is not particularly easy to fold up and put out-of-the-way
  • your Wi-Fi connection can be an issue, you’ll need a strong and reliable Internet connection for seamless operations once connected to iFit.


If you want a sturdy treadmill from a well-known name this one offers top value. You get many features that you can only get from a more expensive model at a reasonable price.

It’s a solid machine and with iFit you can mix it up as much as you want. A powerful and well-designed treadmill like the ProForm 600i helps make working out fun and challenging, so you’re much more likely to stick to your new exercise routine. Plus, it has one of the best monitor screen we’ve seen!

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#3. NordicTrack T Series Treadmill

When you’re in the market for a reliable compact treadmill that will meet your needs now and into the foreseeable future, NordicTrack is one that’s worth considering. NordicTrack is a well-known name and this model registers an impressive 4.1 out of 5 possible stars from nearly 3000 actual customer reviews. That’s huge! And from both research and experience, we can tell you that this score is indicative of a solid treadmill machine that delivers a high degree of satisfaction.

What the NordicTrack T Series provides is a powerful 2.6 continuous horsepower commercial grade motor. This makes it ideal for power-walking, jogging and running – all from the comfort of home. It offers a 10° automatic incline and speeds of up to 10 mph. That gives you a full range of possibility and makes the NordicTrack a treadmill that can serve you well over time.

Another huge plus is the spacious 20 inch by 55 inch long tread deck featuring NordicTrack’s own flex-select cushioning (built-in dampeners to cushion the impact of each stride) to save your joints – particularly those vulnerable knees. NordicTrack also provides a 10 inch high definition Smart touch-screen display, delivering an upscale level of comfort and joy in a space saver treadmill. Built-in EKG grip pulls sensors monitor your heart rate – directly from the handlebars.

With self cooling technology built in, you won’t have to worry about the motor overheating. And for such a powerful motor, it operates at a lower noise level than you might expect – a definite plus.

Set up for use, this NordicTrack compact treadmill measures 73 inches long by 56 inches wide by 56 inches high. Folded up, the length is 34 inches width is 35 inches and the height is 67 inches. The weight limit is stated as 300 pounds.

As with all treadmills this one is heavy and it is best assembled with two people. You also need that extra set of hands when you move it into the room you’re going to set it up in.

What’s Good About It

  • the hydraulic assist when lowering the deck from the folded-up position supports the entire weight and lowers it at a slow speed, so you don’t have to
  • you don’t have to support the weight as it lowers into position on the floor
  • you can bypass the iFit option and still get a great workout (use your phone or tablet listen to music, watch videos, or take online training courses) – a worthwhile solution for what some might perceive as missing amenities without an active IFit membership.

What’s Not So Good

  • you need to lift the back end of the deck upwards (and, yes, it is heavy) into an upright position to convert this to a compact treadmill for storage
  • doesn’t come with a built-in fan


Though we’ve never used the iFit option, our NordicTrack has performed admirably over a number of years. It’s always there when we need it and we have absolute confidence in its ability to be up to the challenge whenever we’re ready to put it to the test.

We are most impressed with the stability of the NordicTrack. There’s no shaking – it’s a sturdy product and a good deal for the money.

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#4. Lifespan Fitness TR1200i Color Folding Treadmill

Here’s another quality entrant in the best compact treadmill category. It’s the LifeSpan Fitness TR1200i Color Folding Treadmill which boasts a full 7 inch color display, simple console buttons, and digital connection via Bluetooth and comes complete with 21 built-in exercise programs. And all programs or designed specifically by exercise physiologist to help you safely and effectively work out no matter what your current fitness level. And 2 of these programs are completely customizable. There are also two programs for heart rate, five for healthy living, seven sports training programs and five specifically for weight-loss.

Once you’ve completed your workout on the Lifespan fitness treadmill, it can be folded up to free up more floor space. When you’re ready to use it again, unfolding is a breeze with the built-in hydraulic shock system. It makes the fold-down process almost effortless because you’re not supporting the entire weight of the base as it slowly lowers itself.

Lifespan offers a rugged build featuring a 2.5 continuous horsepower motor, capable of withstanding the rigors of daily workouts, year after year. 8 individual compression shock absorbers are built under the relatively spacious 20″ x 56″ deck. This provides a more comfortable surface for walking, jogging and running – a much better alternative to pavement or cement sidewalks. Speeds vary from .5 mph to 11 mph, with 15 different incremental levels. The maximum user weight for the Lifestyle compact treadmill is listed as 300 pounds.

What really stands out about the Lifespan Fitness small treadmill is the built-in step counter. Virtually no other treadmill in this price range has this feature. If you’re looking forward to taking 10,000 steps every day – this machine makes that task easier than ever. There’s also an optional chest strap (not included, but available as an extra as of this writing) that can be added to capture important data for monitoring your cardiovascular health when you sync it with an app on your smart device.

Ready to go, this treadmill measures 70.25 inches long by 33 inches wide by 55 inches high. Once folded, the length is reduced to 39 inches while the width remains at 33 inches and the height increases to 63 inches. So it clears a square area of about 31 by 33 inches.

What’s Good About It

  • while it lacks some of the bells and whistles of a fancier version, the footprint is small enough to be ideal for any small room, apartment, or exercise space
  • set up is relatively easy and can be accomplished for most people in about an hour (easy to follow instructions help make it a simple process)
  • added step counter is a plus
  • wide deck gives you plenty of room

What’s Not So Good

  • It’s bulky when folded up, it still takes a fair amount of space
  • it arrives to your home in one huge box that is best handled by two strong adults (your first step should be to locate package inside the room you want to have the treadmill set up in)


Consumer Reports, a seemingly reputable voice, has repeatedly favored this Lifespan Fitness treadmill.

If you’re looking for a simple yet solid piece of exercise equipment that isn’t going to take up half of your room, than this one makes a fine choice.

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#5. Sunny Health and Fitness Folding Treadmill

Sunny Health and Fitness has been making treadmills for number of years now and have they’ve developed an admirable following of loyal customers.

This particular model rates a 4.1 out of 5 stars from nearly 1000 actual buyer reviews. That’s a pretty impressive score from a significant number of buyers. So it makes sense to check this one out in detail – which is exactly what we did.

With a 2.2 peak horsepower motor that ranges in speeds from .5 to 9 MPH, this one can handle the exercise needs of most people easily. It also comes equipped with a manual option for adjusting incline levels. So instead of having it perfectly flat at 0% – you can raise the tread so you’re working out uphill – at 2%, 4% or 3.7% incline settings.

The tread surface on this model measures 15″ x 49″ long 15.5 inches wide – right in line with what you might expect from a small space saving treadmill. User weight capacity is set at 220 pounds and this treadmill plugs into a standard 110 volt circuit.

You can easily control the start, stop and speed function from the easy to use handrail buttons. A large LCD display shows your current speed, time spent on the machine, distance traveled, as well as calories burned – plus your pulse. Pressing the stop button once to pause your results will maintain your current data, should you have to step off the treadmill for a quick washroom break – or other a similar emergency. Being able to carry on after a break without losing your accumulated stats is definitely helpful.

Overall, the Sunny Health compact treadmill measures 62 inches long by 25.5 inches wide by 50 inches tall. When folded, that overall length is reduced to 36 inches which gives you more floor space should you need it. Folded, the width remains the same but the height increases to 58 inches in total. There are two pockets near the top of the console for storing your phone, water bottle, eyeglasses etc.

Unfolding is hassle-free and easy with the soft-drop mechanism built into the treadmill. Wheels mounted on the base make it a little easier to move around the room. And since this one is lighter than a lot of home treadmills – weighing about 103 pounds – it’s somewhat easier to move around – although that’s probably not something you would want to do frequently.

From the floor to the deck is about 7 1/4 inches high. There are two pockets on top of the machine for storing your phone water bottle glasses etc. Will not tip over during normal user when folded into storage position.

The Sunny Health treadmill has the capability of being an excellent treadmill to use as a walking desk. If you’re the handy type, this may be something you’ll want to do. It requires configuring and securing a tabletop surface to the handlebars. This way you can walk as you work – though it takes some getting used to and definitely slower speeds in the beginning.

What’s Good About It

  • assembly is relatively easy (just unpack, sort the pieces and connect the screws as required)
  • runs surprisingly quiet
  • frame is remarkably strong and stable. It does not shake – even when you jog or run.
  • lighter overall (this treadmill doesn’t have the weight that you often find with other gym-type treadmill- since it’s made for home use)
  • this treadmill is great for many types of workouts

What’s Not So Good

  • after about two hours of continuous use, the manufacturer recommends shutting it off and unplugging the treadmill for about 10 minutes before continuing.


This space saving treadmill is great for those who just want to get some daily exercise when they can’t get outside to enjoy nature. Though strong and capable, it’s probably not the machine of choice for someone training for the Olympics, anyone interested in moderate to extreme inclines. Yet for the average buyer wanting a daily run or jog – this Sunny Health model is more than capable.

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#6. Weslo Cadence G 5.9i Folding Treadmill

Weslo is another name that’s been around for a long time and this model – the Cadence 5.9i scores a decent 3.6 out of 5 stars – from more than 600 actual customer reviews. Like the ProForm and NordicTrack treadmills, this one is also designed to be used with an iFit membership.

Currently with every Weslo Cadence G 5.9i purchase, an iFit membership is provided free for one month. You simply go online to to activate your membership and you’re good to go. Since this trial membership is included, we suggest you take it for a test drive without any obligation. It’s an interesting experience – though it a good fit for some buyers – and not at all appealing to others.

The Weslo Cadence comes with a two position manual incline adjustment, a strong 2.25 hp motor (capable of everyday use), speeds adjustments ranging from zero to 10 mph and a Space Saver treadmill design. It’s built for those up to a maximum of 275 pounds.

Exercising on a quality treadmill like the Weslo cadence makes a difference. The tread comes in at a nice 16″ x 50″ size and with built-in shock absorbers underneath. This allows for a more comfortable workout with faster recovery times – while protecting your body’s delicate joints, like the knees. Incline adjustments are done manually. At the each side there are two pads (labeled in the instructional diagram as number two). Each of these pads has three holes. Simply pull the pin out and insert it into the hole of your choice. Just make sure you do this on both sides to adjust the incline evenly.

When you’re finished your workout and you want to make some extra space in the room, simply fold up the base and lock it into its space saving treadmill position. Weslo’s cadence G5.9i is a compact treadmill that’s also budget- riendly. This means you can get in your daily walk or jog in any kind of weather without breaking the bank.

Engage iFit and you will connect with world-class trainers and ramp up those workouts to any level you wish. But remember – it’s important to increase the intensity of those workouts slowly you can’t just jump right into it if you haven’t been exercising on a regular basis.

Weslo offers a warranty that includes one year on the motor and 90 day on parts and labor.

The 50 inch length of the tread is a reasonable size. Chances are you won’t run out of space even with a jog or light run. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to everyone. Some taller folks prefer a longer runway. But most people 6 feet in height and under will find that this thread size is just fine as it is.

You don’t have to activate an iFit membership to get your money’s worth from the equipment. Go ahead and give it a try for a month – after all, it’s included. If you like the iFit, you’ll want to continue. If you don’t simply cancel your membership and you’ll avoid additional charges. You can bypass the iFit activation by simply holding the Bluetooth button down for 15-30 seconds – until it beeps twice.

What’s Good About It

  • reliable and capable machine
  • reasonable price
  • variable speeds are easy to adjust
  • capable motor stands up to regular usage
  • integrated tablet holder is a nice feature as it keep your tablet secure and conveniently close to you so you have access to whatever entertainment greeting or videos you might want.

What’s Not So Good

  • it’s not clear in the description that you don’t need iFit to use the treadmill
  • not a heavy duty unit – For a compact home treadmill, the Weslo packs a serious punch. Just realize you’re not getting a commercial treadmill here


Like most treadmills, this one comes with the bottom tread section separate from the upright handlebars. The control console attaches to the handlebars and you’ll need two people to get that properly aligned.

This is the case with many of the treadmills designed for home use. The Weslo offers good value for your money.

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#7. Horizon Fitness T202 Treadmill

We were pleasantly surprised to see the different features that Horizon Fitness offers on its compact treadmill. These differences include a motor (2.5 continuous horsepower motor) that is capable yet runs at lower RPMs to minimize noise while increasing the efficiency. Another thing that’s different is the built-in USB port. So many space saving treadmills simply don’t have this feature.

Horizon Fitness also offers a tablet storage rack, water bottle holder, built-in fan, plus 10 different speed key settings and 10 incline settings. These come as standard features provided by Horizon but are lacking on a number of competing treadmills.

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your device to the treadmill’s integrated speakers, so you can stream whatever music or video you prefer as you work out. That’s huge. You can also follow along with pro coaches, should you opt for the instructor led classes.

The cushioning system on the tread deck allows you to work out longer with greater comfort and less stress on your joints. Horizon Fitness provides a three-zone tread that covers the impact, transition, and push off with each step. It’s kind of designed like a running shoe in this way where you get softer cushioning in the impact zone and a more firmer base as you push off each stride.

As for the running surface itself – you get a spacious 20″ x 60″ tread area, driven by a powerful 2.75 horsepower motor. Inclines very from 0% to 12% and speeds range from .5 to 12 mph. These incremental increases offered by Horizon Fitness tops many competitors in the field.

Horizon Fitness supplies a warranty that includes lifetime frame and motor protection plus one year on the cushioning belt and parts and labor.

There are wheels built in to the frame and if you tip it slightly well folded you can move it around the room. It’s not particularly easy to move around (due to the bulk and weight of the machine). So that’s something you’ll want to do only when necessary. Frankly, that’s the way it is with most treadmills. They’re large, weighty pieces of equipment.

What’s Good About It

  • variable incline adjustments allow for a wider range of workouts
  • roomy tread deck makes it suitable for more people
  • capable motor that’s energy efficient and runs quiet
  • provided USB port is really helpful
  • built-in fan helps keep you cool as you workout (even though the fan is fixed in position and there’s no variable speed)

What’s Not So Good

  • it’s heavy (this treadmill weighs 165 pounds fully assembled so like every other treadmill, it’s best to have two adults for moving and assembling)
  • hydraulics only help when lowering – like most of these models with hydraulic folding, you have to lift the base manually to secure it into position (those hydraulics only come into effect is when you lower that base back down to the floor)


Overall, it’s a quiet and stable treadmill. As with most home models, it’s recommended that you have a dedicated 15 Amp circuit (for the treadmill alone). Like most compact treadmills in this price range, it’s not designed to store your time, accumulated miles, or calories burned. Those numbers are readjusts reset to zero each time you fire up the machine.

You’ll find exceptional value here. With Horizon Fitness, you’re getting a quiet yet capable machine with power incline and variable speeds. It delivers consistently and you can expect to get many months of service out of this machine, making it a favorite in the best compact treadmill category.

Get the best price on the Horizon Fitness T202 and other great accessories at

#8. Pro-Form Performance 800i Treadmill

This is the second ProForm model to make the cut in our best compact treadmill review. What’s most notable about this treadmill is the huge 14 inch color touch display. It’s also got a 2.75 continuous horsepower Mach Z motor and according to the manufacturer, the tread belt is a commercial grade belt measuring a substantial 18″ x 60″.

That’s a definite standout feature of this model. At 18″ x 60″– there is plenty of room to stretch out that stride – even to full-out running mode – at least, for most people.

The 800i comes loaded with 50 preset workouts. There’s also an EKG grip pulse monitor for keeping tabs on your heart rate as you workout. It also offers variable speeds from 0 to 12 mph available through a quick speed control mechanism. It inclines to 12% – and even dips below level to -2%, making the most rigorous of workouts possible.

Weight capacity for the ProForm Performance 800i treadmill comes in at 315 pounds. The warranty provided includes lifetime on the frame and motor. Parts are protected for three years while labor costs are covered for one year.

ProForm uses what they call “isolation technology” two build comfortable cushioning into the tread deck. This helps reduce impact on the joints and makes for a more enjoyable exercise experience.

When your workout is over, you can fold up the tread base (the heaviest part of any treadmill) thanks to the easy lift assist program. This design makes lifting and lowering the deck easier than on most models.

When you purchase the 800i treadmill included with your purchases a one-year iFit membership. That’s a big deal. If you opt for this model – be sure to take full advantage of the included iFit package. Why? IFit gives you access to a nearly unlimited array of workout possibilities, including those led by personal trainers that can take you around the world. As you workout, these trainers can automatically adjust the speed and incline of your machine – according to the terrain and intensity of the workouts. If you’ve never used iFit before, it’s definitely worth checking out.

IFit is typically a secondary purchase with a treadmill from ProForm. With this model, iFit membership is included for one year. It’s interesting that the best way to experience and maximize your iFit experience from a visual point of view is with the large 14 inch touch-screen provided.

Also built into this treadmill are dual speakers, an audio port and cooling fan to provide an extra level of comfort during those sweaty workout sessions. You’ll need a standard 120 V circuit with a three prong outlet to plug into. Oh and… it’s always a good idea to use a surge protector between the treadmill and the outlet. This provides added protection to the delicate electronics in the console.

When the machine is folded up and into its storage position you can tilt the back and move it on the wheels built into the base. This is a sizable machine with a footprint that occupies 57.64 inches high by 33.5 inches wide by 76.23 inches long. It weighs in at 205 pounds – so it’s not the kind of equipment you will want to move around often.

What’s Good About It

  • large 14 inch touch-screen display delivers a bigger picture and greater clarity
  • comfortable tread deck size for running on – even for taller people
  • iFit membership free for one year
  • built-in lift assist makes it easier to fold and unfold, making it a true space saver treadmill

What’s Not So Good

  • it’s big and heavy (too heavy to be handled by an individual)
  • large display screen is designed mostly for iFit and that’s where it’s most useful


The two drink holders up top make it easy to reach for water as you use the treadmill. It’s a nice-looking design contemporary and style – and one that folds up quite easily.

The ProForm Performance 800i delivers good overall value and it may very well be the best treadmill in its price range. But keep in mind, that it was designed to be used with iFit. So if so if you have no interest in using the iFit app, you might prefer one of our other top-rated compact treadmills.

Get the best price on the Pro-Form Performance 800i and other great accessories at

#9. MaxCare Folding Treadmill

MaxCare is another brand that you may not be familiar with. But it offers some extra design features that make it one you’ll want to check out. It offers easy, one touch operation and 15 preset programs. As you exercise, you can monitor your data in real-time with a large, backlit LCD display that shows stats including speed, mileage, time spent, calories burned and your current heart rate.

Among the differences offered here are an all-copper motor that operates quietly, providing speed adjustments from .5 to 8.5 mph. It also features a 17 inch wide tread belt constructed of multiple layers, providing a stronger and presumably, longer lasting belt. Additionally, there’s an anti-shock system built in, to cushion the impact and support your joints.

Set up the MaxCare folding treadmill occupies a footprint of 53.39 inches long by 26.18 inches wide by 45.95 inches high. Folded up, that size is reduced considerably to 28.47 inches long by 26.18 inches wide by 46.42 inches high. The overall weight of the machine is about 91 pounds – so it’s lighter than many of the treadmills out there in the compact treadmill category, yet it’s well constructed and stable. But with the lighter weight of the machine comes a user weight limit of 220 pounds.

There is a lifetime warranty on the frame and one year warranty on the motor. All other components re covered by the 120 day parts warranty.

The motor is engineered to operate at a lower noise level, which decreases vibration to the floor while also providing speeds up to 6.5 mph. It also provides a stable and quiet treadmill experience. Smaller than a lot of models, the MaxCare treadmill’s easy folding mechanism and soft drop capacity makes it a breeze to use and store.

What’s Good About It

  • stylish design looks great in any small room
  • display monitor is a plus
  • lighter than some competing models
  • more compact so it takes up less floor area (small enough to fit into apartments and condos, yet big enough to provide you with a solid workout)
  • built-in transportation wheels on the lower part of the frame makes it easy move the treadmill to various locations within a room
  • fairly easy to put together

What’s Not So Good

  • smaller capacity means it’s less than ideal for people of larger sizes


Most buyers are thrilled with their MaxCare folding treadmill and see little difference in this budget-priced version versus much more expensive treadmills on the market. Our guess is that the reason for the lower price is that MaxCare is a lesser-known brand.

Having a treadmill like the MaxCare can simplify your life. No longer will you have to pack a large gym bag full of clothing, towels, shower products, etc. You can save that hassle and time and simply jump on a treadmill like this one at home.

Get the best price on the MaxCare and other great accessories at

Bonus: Best Under Bed Treadmill

GoPlus Two In One Folding Treadmill

The GoPlus 2 in 1 folding treadmill boasts a bold and innovative design – one that offers simple operation in two different modes. With the upright arms in place, you can use it as a standard treadmill – at speeds up to 8 mph. With those arms folded down, the 2 in 1 can serve as an under desk treadmill. That means you can walk your way to better health at speeds of one to 4 km/h while you work at your desk.

This is multitasking at its finest. You get your work done at an elevated state of consciousness. Since you’re getting more oxygen into your bloodstream, you’re able to function at a higher level mentally. You’re also moving your body and getting your physical exercise in. So it’s a win-win.

With GoPlus 2 in 1, you get a quiet and capable 2.25 hp motor. While a noise level that’s lower than most, you’re able to use this treadmill in an office setting without disturbing others.

GoPlus offers a durable, steel frame. It also comes with a shock absorbing tread belt measuring 16″ x 40″. This belt is constructed of a seven layer nonslip texture, providing a safe and effective cushion for your joints and muscles and an elevated exercise experience. The weight capacity is 265 pounds and overall speeds vary from one to 12 km/h.

Built-in LED’s indicate your speed, distance, travel time invested, calories burned. It monitors your progress in real-time and provides that information at a glance.

As with any treadmill or exercise equipment you buy, how quiet it is in your actual setting depends on the construction of your building. Some houses are built with creaky frames and floors that have too much bounce in them and some ceilings have little to no insulation installed. So it really depends on your setting as to how quiet or noisy a treadmill is.

What’s Good About It

  • remote control that gives you total control of the treadmill in your hand
  • Bluetooth compatible speakers that you can actually use with your smart device, so you can play your favorite music while you exercise
  • great for serious workouts and for slower walking while you work
  • no installation is required – it basically comes ready to run right out of the box
  • compact fold up design makes it easy to move around
  • can be stored under your desk when you’re done working out

What’s Not So Good

  • measurements provided are Metric (You can use Google to convert these and create a simple table that you can tape to the console)


The GoPlus 2 in 1 treadmill offers great features for its value to those of you who require a compact, quick and easy to store treadmill. It can be stored in your office, and even used as you work on your standing desk.

Great training and exercise experience in one of the best compact treadmill forms in the market.

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Bonus: Best Under Desk Treadmill

GoPlus Walking Treadmill

The GoPlus walking treadmill is another excellent option in the compact treadmills to consider category. It can help you get back in shape, burn fat, regulate lower body muscles, and improve your cardiovascular health while you maintain your ideal body shape.

It’s a walking treadmill. So if you’re looking for something you can run on, this is not for you.

There’s a built-in LED display so you can visually monitor your speed, time, distance, and calories burned. Most amazing about this one is the total height is a mere 6.5 inches – so you can easily tuck it under any desk – or even a bed in some cases – to store it when not in use.

Another interesting fact is that it’s built with a rubber columns and footpads to help reduce any vibration generated through the motor. Even though you’re only walking on this treadmill – it’s nice to be able to keep the noise to a minimum.

Not only is it a compact size, but flexible rollers on the bottom of the frame of this walking treadmill make it easy for you to move around in any room.

Overall size of this treadmill measures 51.5 inches long by 23.5 inches wide by 6 inches high. For those wanting a simple treadmill to walk on, this is a perfect solution. It’s so compact you could store this pretty well anywhere. And it only weighs about 55 1/2 pounds in total – so it’s way easier to handle than most.

Since it’s a walking treadmill only, speeds are limited to .5 to 4 mph and speeds can be increased in .1 mph intervals. Therefore the on-board 1 hp motor should deliver more than enough power. If you can walk at a comfortable pace on a regular basis, you’ll do your body a world of good.

The best possible way to maximize your value and get the most out of this treadmill is to deploy it with a standing desk. To really be able to focus on your work and walk at the same time, you’ll probably have to walk at a much slower than maximum speed. But you maybe surprised to discover how helpful it can be to exercise and work at the same time.

What’s Good About It

  • best option to use at a sit/stand desk
  • ultra compact size
  • lightweight easy to move around
  • inexpensive treadmill option
  • takes minimal work to set up – just take it out of the box, plug it in, insert the batteries in the remote control, turn on the power switch and away you go (within five minutes from receiving this treadmill at your door you could be using it – making it the fastest option from package to action)

What’s Not So Good

  • no handrails to hold for support
  • simplified design means there’s no place to put a water bottle (if you’re using it with the desk that’s not a problem at all, but if you’re using it solo at home to exercise, you might want to locate close to a table so you can keep a bottle of water within reach) – alternatively locate a bottle holder that attaches to your clothing or belt with a simple clip)


If you want to make the most of your walking time – you can’t beat the GoPlus walking treadmill. All parts are under a full warranty for a period of one year. If you want to combine exercise and work, we can’t think of any better option than this quality compact walking treadmill.

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The Verdict

While there are dozens and dozens of available compact treadmills – what we’ve introduced here are the best of the best. We are sincerely convinced that somewhere on our list is the ideal space saving treadmill for you. What’s the best choice? Well that really depends on you and your specific needs.

Our top pick overall is the NordicTrack T Series. For compact size and low cost combined, we give the nod to the GoPlus Two in One. And if getting some walking time in while you work at your standing desk is most important, we highly recommend the GoPlus Walking Treadmill.

We also have a nice selection of the best budget treadmills under $500, so be sure to check it out if that’s also something you are interested in.

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