How much does a Segway cost?

So you are almost decided to buy a Segway, personal transporter, hoverboard, electric scooter, or whatever fancy name you are giving to it. And you started investigating how much does a Segway cost… Look no further, this is your last stop to get all the information and resources you need to get the right price for the Segway.


Your Segway Price Options

Before we directly specify the price of the Segway, we must first warn you that Segway offers a variety of different personal transporter products, and their price is quite different. In the following paragraphs we are going to briefly explain some of the consumer and professional models and give you an initial idea of what the price is.

Read on and move to the next sections of the article too, where we compare and specify more details about the price and where you can check them up to be up-to-date and also maybe get some seasonal discount or offers.

NOTE: This article was written back in 2017, when Segway models were just a few. Although this article stays current for the few models discussed, please check out our new article The Best Segway hoverboards and scooters, where we expand and explore all the newer models Segway offers (like the new minis, E kick-scooters and more).

At the moment of this writing (2017), the models that Segway offers to the consumer public are the following.

The Segway I2 SE

This is the last version of what it is the most famous product of the brand. The self-balancing model that started it all. This is the model that you probably picture in your mind when thinking about “The Segway”. Two wheels and a handle, the rider steps in the platform, grabs the handle and balances it’s way forward or to the sides to control the device.

The I2 SE is the perfect model for urban personal transportation. From security personnel in big malls, to postal officers delivering traditional mail, this model is excellent for personal mobility in paved trails.

If you want to get a detailed description of this model, you can read our detailed product review of the I2 SE and the X2 SE.

Segway I2 SE

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How much does the Segway I2 SE costs?

The current price of the I2 SE starts from around u$s 5,200 and can go up to around u$s 6,500, depending on the different “add-ons” offered, like the “commercial cargo” option that offers two storage bins at the sides. In the UK the prices starts at around £ 6,000 (including VAT).

But really, finding a trustworthy price for the I2 SE online is difficult to say the least. There seems to be no big store offering it directly. The Segway I2 SE is NOT offered by at the time of this writing. There are a lot of offers on eBay, but it’s difficult to compare them quickly as you will need to go through each and read it’s details to be sure what you are being offered.

We recommend you to start your hunt with an appropriate official dealer ( This will give you a the current price base for a new device. Then you can start hunting for some other options online.

For these price ranges, we don’t recommend that you purchase this model in a “quick online rush”. There are a few websites that will allow you to purchase it directly online. But we recommend that you do a little bit of research first. Prices can vary a lot from shop to shop. We recommend that you first find the dealers near your area ( and take a little time to contact some of them.

We are not giving any list of website shops in this article, mainly because we discourage this option at least for the first step. We don’t want you to fall into the rush of quick purchasing it from the first online shop you find, as this is not our recommendation. You can easily get the current online shops that offer the model with a simple web search if you really want to go that route.

The Segway X2 SE

This is the “off-road” brother of the I2 SE. If the I2 shines in the paved urban setting, the X2 is the star of the off-roads trails. This is your choice if you want to adventure yourself into dirt trails and have some more rough terrain capabilities.

It’s basically the same I2 model, with the already known two wheels and platform and handle, but made specifically for off-road trails.

If you want to get a detailed description of this model, you can read our detailed product review of the I2 SE and the X2 SE.

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How much does the Segway X2 SE costs?

The current price for the X2 SE starts around u$s 6,000 and we have seen tags as high as u$s 7,200. In the UK the prices starts at around £ 6,800 (including VAT).

Again, and in a similar way as to the I2 SE, finding the best price for the X2 is not easy. Amazon doesn’t sell this model neither. And even if you can find this model also in eBay, you are in the same situation where you will need to read all the offers in detail to really be sure what you are being offered, as prices can vary a lot for the same “product name”.

We will repeat again here what we said for the I2 SE: please contact first a few of the official dealers close to your location ( This is a lot of money to risk yourself with the first website you find. You can do more research and contact the website client service after you have a better idea of the prices offered by your dealer for a brand new device.

The Segway miniPRO

This is the baby brother of the traditional Segway we all picture in our minds. It’s an I2 in miniature, but that doesn’t make it less powerful! This model is a two wheel personal transporter, that you also step on and ride by balancing on it. But you don’t grab any handle with your hands. Your arms can move freely. This model is equipped with a shorter version of the handle, the knee bar, that will allow you to steer the device and even use it to guide your device when you are not riding it.

This is also fit for urban paved roads, trails or flat surfaces. Is smaller in size but as fun as any other option to ride! If you want to know more about the miniPRO, please read our detail Segway miniPRO product review.

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How much does the Segway miniPRO costs?

And this is now a different story compared to the prices options for the I2/X2 models. Amazon is offering this one, and they usually offer great deals and discounts. Just click here to check the miniPRO price on Amazon:

Although you can also contact a local dealer ( for purchasing your miniPRO, and that would certainly be a good thing to do, we are now handling a completely different price. It’s not that difficult here to have a good notion of the price. And seeing that Amazon is offering the product, gives you the possibility of purchasing the product directly from them now.

The Segway One S1

A completely different Segway model. If we started all of our other model descriptions mentioning “the Segway picture“ you get in your mind when the name is mentioned… well, this is totally different.

The One S1 is a single wheel personal transporter device. You step onto it using two small platforms for your feet at the sides of the wheel. Similarly to the other Segway models, you use your body weight and balance to steer the device around. But that’s where the similarities ends! From this point onwards, riding a single wheeler is a different experience than riding a two wheel device. But as fun as as any other, or even more if you love the challenge.

To learn more about this awesome single wheel segway, read our detail product review: the One S1, all you need to know.

One S1 Couple Riding on dock

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How much does the Segway One S1 costs? offers this product too, so again the best thing to do is for you to go directly to the One S1 product page on Amazon:

As we said for the miniPRO, this is a comfortable price to make an online purchase. Knowing that Amazon offers the product, you have another level of trust for your purchase. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t contact a local dealer (, they might have good offers too, and also provide valuable customer support.

Final words

We started our article warning about the big price difference between the different Segway models. Now that you reached the end, and if you were bold enough to read every section, you now have a good idea why this is the case.

If you are interested in knowing more about these models, we have good product reviews of each:

If you are in a rush, and what to check out these products directly on Amazon right now, you can do it by following these links:

We can’t stress enough the recommendation of contacting several dealers close to your area first. We consider this a must for the higher price models, the I2 SE and X2 SE. Prices for these can be tricky, and at the moment, there’s no big online store that we could recommend visiting for purchasing these directly online.

We hope you found the article valuable and that you have enough information now to decide what your Segway model should be!

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