InMotion V10 / V10F Review: The Best Premium Unicycle

Let me say this clearly just from the start. This unicycle is by far one of the best in the market today. The InMotion V10 / V10F is incredibly powerful, with awesome maneuverability and control, super comfortable and has one of the best long rides any wheel could give you. Please continue reading this detailed review to know all you need about the V10, and why it’s great.

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InMotion V10 / V10F General Description

The InMotion V10 and V10F are the most advanced unicycles engineered yet. They have been designed from the ground up for powerful rides and optimal weight distribution. With twice as much power as its predecessor models, an increase in top speed and range, this wheel shines above any other contenders in the unicycle arena.

It’s beautifully finished with details of great quality. Has big pedals that are very solid and provide a great foot grip. The wheel is very wide in comparison to other models, making its 16” size really feel like a bigger one. And it’s even better than several 18” wheels. This is a big difference in comfort while riding.

This wheel is rock solid and excels in long distances rides, providing a comfortable and smooth ride as no other wheel. The V10 / V10F is the Cadillac of the unicycles, giving you up to 62 miles on a single charge!

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The riding experience of the InMotion V10 / V10F

For a lot of unicycle riders, this wheel will feel extremely solid and high quality. Some people might feel that the first rides with the wheel could seem a little bit heavy underneath you. More likely if you come from other brands of wheels. This is totally fine, and you will get used to it very quickly. You are riding a super powerful new wheel, that comes packed with great technology to make it comfortable, secure and solid, so the few rides it could take to get use to it are definitely worth it.

The wheel is highly stable and the pedals will give you an awesome feeling of comfort and confidence. They provide a big surface to put your feet on, with a great and secure grip. They are high mounted on the wheel so any tight maneuvering and deep carving will become effortless and without any fear of scraping the surface.

As we already mentioned, the V10 really shines over long distances. It is the ideal unicycle for long commutes of around 15 miles or even more, as this wheel can give you up to 62 miles in one charge. Keep in mind though that if you come from another wheel, you should definitely feel comfortable with it before riding in crowded areas. Test it, and very importantly, figure out the brake distance at different speeds on your tests. You might feel the wheel more or less responsive than your previous one, so it’s better to test it and learn how it responds to your body and commands before any sudden and real situation on a commute over a crowded city.

The off-road riding on grass and gravel is nice and pretty stable. There is a lot of clearance in this wheel and it performs excellent over holes and bumps on the terrain.

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The driving dynamics is one of the awesome features of the V10. Inmotion did a great work engineering the center of gravity, that provides a great balance for your turns on the wheel. Its very stable at high speeds and the position of your feet will feel at the very center of the wheel, for a nice agile and usable ride. You will be able to ride it very accurately at slower speeds and tight areas, having great maneuverability.

This wheel has that extra power that can push over 20-25 miles per hour, and it really feels super comfortable at those speeds. This is an excellent wheel for those situations where you are riding down the bike lane and want to pass over a fellow biker. They usually cycle at a cruise speed of 19-20 Mph, and with the V10 you can definitely pass alongside them on the lane easily. Wave them “Hi and goodbye” on your Inmotion V10F!

You might not necessary need or use the extra power all the time, but is there for you to harness on the right situations. You might not even want to be speeding at 25 Mph on a wheel, but this power and speed are there for you ready to be harnessed. We do recommend that you use proper protection. A fall from your wheel at these speeds can end up really bad. Knees, elbows, wrist, hands and head protection should be always on you when riding.

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Riding the V10 / V10F at night

Riding the InMotion V10 / V10F at night with the front light in the wheel an awesome experience. It works perfectly, even for riders that are used to riding with a headlight in their helmets.

The light aims down in an angle to the road or path, without interfering with any people walking in front of you, or bikers, or even cars that might come in the opposite lane. It has a pretty nice spread that’s really useful. And let me mention that this light is more powerful than the ones in previous models as the V8 or V3.

With this light you will be able to see around 15 feet ahead of you in total dark, giving you enough distance and time to react to any obstacles like bumps, holes or other things in your way.

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via myinmotion dot com

The InMotion V10 / V10F Handle

The InMotion V10 / V10F unicycle comes with a retractable handle to carry it with you in places where you can’t or don’t want to ride.

This handle was in the middle of some slight controversy among a few early reviewers. For some of them it could feel somewhat “loose” in contrast to the super smooth, sturdy and high quality of the rest of the wheel. In my personal opinion I think InMotion designed it this way to make it easier and faster to put up and take down. But this should be for each rider to judge.

From my point of view, this feature, meets its purpose perfectly well. Guiding this wheel around the grocery store or supermarket couldn’t be any easier.  And one big plus I think this handle has is that it makes leaning it up to a wall or counter really easy and convenient. We are sure that the more you use it, the more you end up liking the handle 😉

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The InMotion V10 / V10F tire

The wheel is definitely one of the greatest features of this unicycle. It’s a 16” with a huge 2.5” wide surface. This, simple design makes it feel more like an 18”, one in terms of smoothness and ride comfort. You might be on the right track if you put a little bit less air pressure on the wheel.

It provides a great grip to the surface you ride on, and it feels incredibly comfortable in rough terrains as grass, gravel and dirt paths.

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The Human-Centered Engineered Unicycle

The InMotion V10 was built from the ground up with the primary goal of retaining the best possible ride dynamics. What useful would it be to have the most powerful and better performing wheel in the market without the ability to fully control it?

InMotion has designed the V10 with a slim body that not only gives better control of the wheel, but also provides a much more natural mounting and dismounting.

A greatly designed wheel, with a huge 960Wh battery pack and with great care applied to weight distribution to avoid a “top heavy” feeling.

The InMotion V10’s industry-leading pedal height helps to bring all of these benefits together, and with all the research applied to how all of these elements work together, any rider can feel the difference in what is simply a natural and comfortable ride, with great ability to maneuver like no other unicycle can in its class.

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A few more features of the InMotion V10 / V10F

The charger socket on the wheel is protected with a strong rubber lid that protects the socket from any water that might fall on that area of the wheel.

Obviously the InMotion V10 / V10F has its own mobile app to setup, control, and check its current status. You can get a lot of information of the wheel and your current ride. You can see the current speed and even has a gesture to make a horn sound. Not sure how many of you will really use the horn feature, but it’s there for you to play with it!

You can configure the sensibility of the pedals, harder or softer. This is a feature that you should be experimenting with,  and set it to your own liking after some tests at different levels.

The app also allows the customization of its lighting effects.

The wheel comes packed with a premium speaker, so you can play your favorite tunes with you on your ride.

A cool looking braking light at its back will definitely won’t go unnoticed by any vehicle or pedestrian behind you on your rides.

From the technology perspective, the V10 is built with high speed dual core CPUs, to provide extra rapid power and computing capabilities so response is lightning fast in any critical situation. And it‘s designed with an active cooling system, to keep every component in perfect condition to back the rider up in any situation.

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via myinmotion dot com

The InMotion V10 / V10F Specifications

SpecifictionsInMotion V10InMotion V10F
Range43 miles max.55-62 miles max
Motor Power (sustained for long periods, can peak much higher)
Battery8.8AH 650WH12.8AH, 960WH
Charging Time6 hours8 hours
Speed25 mph
Climbing Angle30 degrees
Tire16 x 2.5 in.
Weight45.4 lbs.
Payload260 lbs.
IP RatingIP55
LightsFront, rear, and side LED (fully customizable in app, can be turned off with or w/o app)
Charger OutputDC 84V* 1.5A
Active Cooling System for high-performance internal components
Advanced in-app statistics give you access to data to track your performance and usage habits
Engineered from the ground up for optimal weight distribution and uncompromising form facto

Final words about the InMotion V10 / V10F

The InMotion team has created a great product here. This unicycle is a very well crafted and engineered machine, with a lot of redundancy and safety built in. One of the features I love the most is that you can ride this wheel for a long time, even with low battery. You can’t go wrong with the V10 / V10F wheel for long distance or commutes, and it’s a great upgrade from any other smaller wheel or previous InMotion wheels.

This wheel rides as good as it looks, and I’m sure you won’t regret purchasing the V10!

Availability might be a little bit tight on this wheel as is a relatively new product, but definitely it’s worth pre-ordering and waiting the extra time. Please don’t make the mistake of choosing a different wheel only because you have to wait until the new units become available. This is an awesome premium wheel, and you won’t go wrong with it. If you read through our review and you think this is the wheel for you, have the patient to wait for your wheel… You will be rewarded and a happy customer when it arrives at your door!

If you already own a V10 or V10F and want to share your experience with it, please let us know. Drop us a few lines, we will be pleased to get direct experiences from riders.

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