Make your hoverboard improve your health!

This is not the usual article where you will read about the good and bad health consequences of riding a hoverboard. If you would like to learn a simple process to always make your hoverboard ride a healthy one, and build up your overall health and fitness, please continue reading…


Are hoverboards good or bad for health?

Are hoverboards good or bad for your health? Well, let me tell you that the answer really depends on a lot of factors. There’s no mathematical formula to get the answer. And I tell you this with good knowledge, as I’ve been doing my fair amount of research reading and watching a lot of material related to this topic. From rants about the lack of walking, to crazy YouTube exercise videos with less that doubtless effectivity on achieving any real benefit.

One thing is for sure. All these people talking about hoverboards and health, see this topic as a comparison. Are they good? Are they bad? And they mention doctors, engineers and missing studies to finally express their own thoughts on this matter.

Although there’s nothing wrong on that approach, I think it’s more of the same thing over and over. I’m going to break this pattern now and for all. I will introduce you to a simple decision and action process you can use to make your hoverboard, in all cases, as healthy as a gym training session.

Hoverboards and Health Facts

Before we dive into this astonishingly simple and easy thought and action exercise, let’s revisit very quickly, some facts about hoverboards and health, that will help us understand some key points before proceeding to the main subject.

When we talk about hoverboards in relation to its rider’s health, the first thing that comes to our minds is the exercise, or lack of it, that the hoverboard owner could get by riding it. This is the main issue that concerns people, and fairly so. This is the main topic of most articles you will find all around the web.

I found that most of the articles are subjective, at best. Some favor the use of the hoverboard, mentioning facts like the exercise involved in maintaining balance, the calories burned on typical rides, the mind-body connection and agility improvement of the rider (

On the other hand, there are others who focus on the replacement of good old habits, like walking or jogging, with the “devil’s version on wheels”, that slowly destroys our health by preventing us from our Nature’s intended function: using our legs to move around (

And although they mention facts, and have really good points, I don’t think this is the best way to tackle the problem. But before we go into my the core of this article, let’s briefly say that the exercise related analysis is not the only one we should mention.

What happens if you fall from hoverboard? I hope only some bruises and scratches, but it can be as hard as a broken bone or worse! You now get the idea, right? This is obviously not good for your health. And yes, we switched from middle to long term health analysis based on exercise, or the lack of it, to something more sudden and usually unexpected: the risk of an accident.

Accidents are something to consider too, as they affect directly and suddenly your health, and not in a good way. The fact is that you will always have the risk of having an accident in a hoverboard. But in the same way you also have the risk of having an accident by jogging, or walking in a park or lifting that heavy weight while performing your bench presses in the gym. If you let my imagination fly, I can come up with dozens of creepy scenarios that could happen to you on those “safe” and “healthy” routines.

Let’s acknowledge that accidents are part of life, and as such, also part of riding a hoverboard. The risk is prsent, but we will be concerned with health related scenarios that we can control and are under our sphere of influence, where we can do something about it.

Now, let’s see this problem from a new and different angle.

Make your hoverboard a source of infinite good health

Every human in this planet develops certain habits in relation to his or her health. Some of those are good… and some are bad. If we want to remain healthy on the long term, we should focus on trying to acquire more good health habits than bad ones. Pretty simple thought process.

With your new hoverboard it’s the same. The general idea is to keep good things in as much as possible, while pushing the bad ones out. Always thinking on your own personal situation. We are focusing on your heath, not on someone else’s.

And know you may be asking yourself… what the heck is he talking about? Let’s go into some examples.

You never before went out to walk your dog. But since you purchased your new hoverboard, you started taking Bobby out. 20 minute walks for him, 20 mins hoverboard session for you. Is this good or bad for your health? Obviously good. Now you are getting an exercise you never got in the past, more calories burned, practicing balance and acquiring agility and coordination. Of course walking or even running with Bobby will be better, but in that scenario, from nothing to start doing an activity, it’s awesome.

And now you get the idea and where I’m going. Let’s mention other hypothetical scenario.

In the past you walk those long paths across the University campus to give your lectures. From your office to the classrooms. And back again to the office at the end. Several times a day. You even got some quick stats drawn in your mind about how many miles you walked in a month just by this simple “part of your job” exercise. But today you are even cooler! You got yourself one of those awesome hoverboards. You are definitely, the coolest teacher in the campus. You even clap alumni’s hands from time to time while passing them by.

I know you know that last scenario is a bad one. The teacher stopped doing some great exercise, replaced some good old walking with a standing quick ride on a hoverboard. Although good for balance, agility and still spending some calories, it can’t beat the good old walking!

Tips to make your hoverboard ride always healthy

So now you are armed with the most powerful tool to make your hoverboard rides always healthy. Your own thought process to guide your own case and situation, to do more exercise rather than less. Remember there’s no absolute right or wrong. Evaluate your own situation.

Think how can you do things you were not doing before with your hoverboard, and do not replace current good habits for hoverboard rides. Its that simple.

Do not cheat, be true to yourself. Deep inside you, you know what’s right and wrong in each situation. Follow your guide armed with this thought process, and start getting some more exercise while riding your new awesome hoverboard!

An now let me finish with a few quick tips to remember:

  1. Learn to ride your hoverboard as an additional activity, and do NOT leave other exercise activities aside for this one.
  2. Do not replace any walk or jogging session for a hoverboard ride.
  3. Replace some short/mid commuting you previously did by car, bus or metro with a hoverboard ride.
  4. Incorporate new activities in your free / fun time with the hoverboard, as long as you are not replacing other exercise sessions. This means, keep playing that Sunday soccer match with your friends!
  5. Do NOT fall into the trap of comparing. You have to beat yourself as time goes on, not your neighbor. If he wants to walk Bobby, and you do it by hoverboard, it’s fine as long as you meet the previous rules!
  6. Last but not least, always strive to keep a healthy diet and do regular exercise, off of your awesome hoverboard, and using your legs!


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