Qiewa Qmini Electric Scooter Review: The Lightweight Champion of the World!

Yes, the title is right. This electric scooter, the Qiewa Qmini is the lightweight champion of the World! It’s an amazing electric scooter packed in a compact, yet incredibly functional and great looking form. With awesome features, its ready to be taken almost anywhere with you for one of the greatest riding experiences that any electric scooter can provide.

We are pretty serious about our statements. Please continue reading, as you will learn everything you need to know about the Qiewa Qmini. This is your last stop for research in your decision making journey.

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The awesome features of the Qiewa Qmini at a glance

With the Qiewa Qmini you will have a lot of power at your service, in a compact design that only weighs 48 lbs. It has a solid chassis and deck, but is extremely portable. You can fold its main shaft over the deck, and the handle bars at both ends, by simple pressing and pulling in the right spots. You can easily fit at least two Qminis in the trunk of a compact car, if not a third one. You won’t be able to use the lack of space in your home or car as an excuse with the Qiewa Qmin, that’s for sure!

With an incredibly powerful 500 watts, brushless motor, will rarely need more “juice” to go around. You can reach a maximum speed of 37 Mph by using the 3 gears the scooter has. I can guarantee that going at this speed on an electric scooter feels really fast, so take care and use appropriate head and body protection!

It comes packed with shock absorbers in the front and rear, that combined with the awesome 8 inches solid rubber tires, make the riding as smooth as you can get. We will touch again a bit further about the shock absorbers in more detail.

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You will be able to ride the Qiewa Qmini under over the occasional water puddle, and also under some light to normal rain. Thanks to its IP6 waterproof compliance you will be safe under these conditions, but please use common sense. This is not a submersible device… meaning, not jump into the lake with it, the warranty won’t cover it!

The Qmini speed and acceleration is controlled by a thumb throttle in its right handlebar. And in its left handlebar you will have an awesome electronic brake, that is comfortable and easy to use. Independently if you are a fan or not of the thumb throttles, its very well designed, as you can control the breaking and acceleration with different hands, making it easy to tweak slightly your speed. Also with the right hand you will be commanding over the control to increase or decrease the gear. The Qmini has 3 gears to take you from the starting point up to 37 Mph!

A cool feature is the incorporated horn, that you might be using often if you would like to pass by the slow bikers on the park and make a cool impression.

Last but not least, the headlights are a cool addition and a really useful feature if you plan on riding at night or late afternoon. Also the deck has side led lights, really useful to make you visible to other riders and vehicle drivers around you. And let’s not forget the stop light light, the changes the led intensity and pattern displayed at the back of the scooter deck, every time you press the brakes.

Did we mention that it even has a compass, and also allows you to charge your phone through its USB port while riding… well, now we did 😉 .

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About the riding experience on the Qiewa Qmini

Riding the Qiewa Qmini is a great experience. Is incredibly fast for its compact size, you will be surprised by it. Do keep in mind that there is a maximum load suggested (520 lbs.), but if you are not heavily overweight, I can assure you this little one has you covered. But if you are a heavy guy or gal, maybe you can check out the Qiewa QHummer, the big brother of the Qmini, exceptional as well in quality but with a bit more power for that extra juice you might need.

In the rear part of the deck you will find a foot placement support, that some riders find extremely useful, and some even mandatory for a great ride. Well, the Qmini has you covered here if you think the same as these riders.

The combination of its shock absorbers with the rubber tires make the riding a unique experience that really excel over most of the other electric scooters. Don’t get misled by thinking that the solid tires could be a drawback. In the Qiewa Qmini the solid rubber tires are an amazing feature. They are a key component for the smooth ride the scooter will give you. They are designed to be solid but mushy at the same time, teaming up perfectly with the absorbers to provide the perfect shock reduction.

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Also, you will have plenty of riding time and mileage with only one charge on the Qmini battery. This obviously depends on how hard you push your scooter, but in average conditions you can get up to 37 miles of distance! I think your commuting problems have been solved now, no excuses!

And lastly, let me say that the packing and carrying of the Qmini is great. This is an activity that you cannot separate from the riding itself, and can make your riding experience really unpleasant if the scooter design is bad in this area. Thankfully, the Qiewa Qmini is a delight to fold and unfold. Its mechanism is extremely simple and in two actions you will have folded or unfolded your Qmini to and from the “carrying” stance.

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Shock absorber design

We already talked a bit about the smooth and soft ride that the Qiewa Qmini provides. This is accomplished by an advanced shock absorber design.

The scooter has two front shock absorbers, and two rear ones. The rear shock absorbers are placed at a perfect angle of 45 degrees.

This systems allows the Qmini to absorb more impact and create a more comfortable riding experience compared to other scooters in the market.

A key part of this absorber system are the 8 inches rubber tires, that also absorb a fair deal of impact. And as an extra feature, you won’t have to worry about any punctures on your tires!

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The Qiewa Qmini Anti Theft Feature

The Qiewa Qmini comes with a remote control where you can activate or deactivate the scooter alarm and anti theft feature. Also you can start and stop the scooter motor with the remote.

When the anti theft feature is enabled, if anyone tries to take your Qmini, the buzzer will sound pretty loud, and also you will be able to stop the motor from your remote.

These are pretty nice features that will allow you to feel a bit relaxed if you have to leave your scooter outside the grocery store or you need to leave it and move a bit away from it from time to time.

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Max. Driving Distance60 Km – 37 Miles
Max. Speed60Km/h – 37 Mph
BatteryCPower 18650 16Ah, 48 Volts lithium
Motor500 Watts brushless motor
Scooter weight22 Kg. – 48.5 Lbs.
Max Load235 Kg – 520 Lbs.
8“ solid rubber tires (20 cm.)
12 cm (4.7”) chassis distance from floor
Dual front shock absorbers
Dual 45° degree rear shock absorbers
IP6 waterproof design
Anti-theft system
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What are the owners of the Qmini saying about the scooter

Note: The original Amazon page from where these reviews and ratings were taken, was removed by Qiewa a while ago. After that they created a new page for their product, thus the original reviews and ratings are no longer available. Keep that in mind, and use this section as a useful “archive” and history of the previous comments that are no longer available.

At the moment of this writing, the QMini has a 3.3 stars out of 5 in Amazon., out of 22 reviewers. Several of the reviewers are verified purchasers of the product.

73% of the reviewers / owners are really happy with the Qmini, and have great stories and even videos to share. Not much to say in favor here … happiness with a great product that works as they expected, according to these owners.

But the remaining 27% lean a bit towards the bad side. A few on this minority complain about the scooter not working or having some failures. But keep in mind that you have a good warranty that covers any defects on your scooter for 1 year! Some of these also complained about the support. This is a company from Taiwan, and although Qiewa replied promptly and took care of the claims and requests of each of these owners, the main critique is that the company provides its technical support through Facebook messaging, and this didn’t feel enough to these few owners.

We are usually critical about complains not well rooted. What we can say in this case is neutral, as we think that the most important and good point to make is that Qiewa responds to the warranty as stated, and diligently takes care of the customer, replacing parts or scooters when the claim is valid. But we understand that for some buyers this is not enough and they want an American person on a support phone line taking their requests, and this is not the case for Qiewa.

About the Qiewa Qmini Warranty and Return Policy

In case of any factory or transit defect on your Qiewa Qmini, you have a 1 year warranty at your back. Also Qiewa has a local maintenance factory in the United States where they can provide repairs and support if needed. In case of faults covered by the warranty, you will need to contact Qiewa through their Facebook page and follow up with them on validating your problem.

In most cases Qiewa will send you the replacement parts or scooter if needed.

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What do we think about the Qiewa Qmini

The great reviews and happy owners totally outweigh the bad experiences in our opinion. And not only for those few on Amazon, but also on other sites too. You will be able to find multiple reviews and happy owners showcasing their Qminis on YouTube.

We tested a really nice one, and although we do not own it and use it on a day by day basis, we know some people that do and are pretty happy with it. We think that you will also be extremely happy with the Qiewa Qmini too. Focus on the features and decide for yourself if you think this scooter is a good fit for you or your loved one.

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