The Razor E300-E325 Electric Scooter Review: Is it for you?

If you are researching about the Razor E300 / E325, or any of the other Razor electric scooters for a purchase, you’ve come to the right place. Stop searching and begin reading, as this will be your last stop before deciding if this scooter is for you. You will learn everything you need to known, from it’s features to what other customers are saying about it.

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What is the Razor E300 / E325?

The Razor E300 is an electric scooter, the big brother in the manufacturer’s e-scooter line, compared to the Razor E100 or the Razor E200. It features the biggest deck, frame and tires of the whole E series, what makes it specially suited for teens and adults.

It can travel up to 15 Mph (24 Km/h) and with big pneumatic tires, it provides a ride as comfortable as it can be.

The rider friendly electric power engages a super quiet chain driven motor, as it’s praised by the official website, “applauded by neighbors everywhere”.

What is the difference between the Razor E300, E300S and E325?

The E300 and E300S are the same electric scooter, but the later comes with a seat, allowing the rider to enjoy the trip in a comfy seated position. It’s possible to remove the seat and use it as an E300. Or even go standing while you have your seat on the deck, although the space for your feet might be a little bit reduced compared to a deck totally free.

The Razor E325 is also the same electric scooter as the E300. There are no differences, and the Razor Official Support team has mentioned this to me and several other people through its support ticket system: “They are the same scooter, with just different code names for different resellers”.

Some websites claim that the E300 and E325 have some slight differences. This might be true if you do a thorough comparison, but you need to keep in mind that these differences might arise because they are comparing scooters with a big gap in fabrication dates. The E300 series has been out in the market for quite some time now, and there might be older versions that have been slightly upgraded as time goes by. But this is an improvement in the model itself, and NOT as a specific feature for only one of these models.

Again, as stated by Razor themselves, the E300 and E325 are the same scooter, with just different code names for different resellers.

Who can ride the Razor E300?

As specified by the manufacturer itself, this electric scooter is targeted for teens (13 years old and up) and adults. It has a recommended rider weight limit of 220 lbs (100 Kg.).

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We always mention the same thing in our Razor E Series product reviews: this is not a strict limit on the age of the rider, but rather a starting guide on who should be riding this scooter. This is the biggest scooter in the E series family, and thus, the one that would be harder to handle for small or young kids due to it’s weight and size. There are young kids below 13 years old that are big and mature enough to handle this electric scooter properly though.

Please use your best judgment, and remember that this is also the speediest one too. If you are thinking in purchasing this model for your kid, this might be good choice. But keep in mind that you should be helping them all the time, and controlling how they can maneuver and control it’s speed.

Is there any assembly required for the Razor E300?

The product comes packaged in a box and requires some simple assembly steps. All this can be accomplished by an adult in about 10 minutes with the appropriate tools. We know that for some time Razor packaged the required tools with the electric scooter, but we are not sure if this is still the case in the latest models. In the following list we are mentioning the required tools and if they are included or not as stated by the official owner’s manual. But there have been a few updates to this manual, and the tools listed changed on these versions. In any case, make sure you have these tools  at home just in case:

  • One 5mm Allen Wrench (included)
  • One 4 mm Allen Wrench (needed and included only for the S model)
  • Phillips screwdriver (needed and included only for the S model)
  • Valve extender (included and located in the right handlebar grip)
  • Bicycle-style tire pump for Schrader valve tires with pressure gauge (Not Included)

Be sure to follow and read all the instructions in the official owner’s manual before starting the assembly. It has very specific details on how to perform the process. We are not going into those details here, as there is no point in duplicating that info. But be sure to follow their instructions to keep your product safe.

Another important thing to mention is that the scooter will require an initial charge of at least 12 hours. Don’t go with any less on the initial charge. Read the corresponding manual page about battery and charging also, as it has valuable information about how to take care of the batteries.

There has been some user complaining of battery issues in some consumer reviews online. But if you take the time to read them thoroughly some of them performed actions that contradict what the manual says about the charging procedure. Please, play close attention to the manual instructions. This is important to keep your batteries in top condition.

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What are the Razor E300 features and specs?

As we mentioned at the start of this article, the E300 has the larger deck of the E family. Also the biggest frame and bigger and wider tires compared to its siblings.

With 10 inch pneumatic tires, it can travel up to 15 Mph (24Km/h), controlled with its handle throttle.

It comes with a retractable kickstand that will allow to quickly go on and off the scooter with no need to lean it to any surface or wall.

It features a high torque, chain driven, electric motor. Powered by a 24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system. A low noise system that will keep you and your neighbors happy and thankful.

You can ride this scooter under normal conditions up to 40 minutes with a full charge. More than enough for a good fun ride, or a trip back and forth to the grocery store! Remember to turn your scooter off if you are stepping out for some minutes, this will save your battery charge.

These are the specs in a table summary format:

Razor E300 Family Specs
Maximum rider weight220 lbs (100 Kg)
Age13 years old and above
Product Weight46 lbs for the E300, 52 lbs for the E300S (21 Kg. and 23.5 Kg. respectively)
Assembled Product Dimensions41″ x 17″ x 42″ (104 x 43 x 106.6 cm.)
Power24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system. Battery charger included.
Maximum speed15 Mph (24 Km/h)
Up to 40 minutes of continuous use with a single charge
Super sized steel frame, deck and fork
High-torque, chain-driven motor
Twist-grip acceleration control
Hand operated rear brake
Wide pneumatic tires
Retractable kick stand


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What current owners say about the Razor E300?

In our review we like to research what current owners have to say about the products we review. This will save you countless hours of skimming and going through this yourself, and we provide a summary of it. Of course you can fact check us, as we mention our sources here. Let us know if you find anything that might need to be updated.

In this case, we researched the customer reviews and ratings on Amazon for the E300 and the E300S. We added those up together for this summary, as the products are almost the same and the general comments and reviews were very much alike.

By the time of this writing, the products had a total of 1174 customer reviews. 80% of the reviews came from really happy and satisfied customers who gave a rating of 4 or 5 stars. The remaining 20% of the reviews are customers giving the products between 1 and 3 stars.

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Let’s starting with the most common issues, as some of them are even ruled out with the good comments later. Among the few bad reviews, you will see repeated mentions on battery issues: they are drained fast or they have not enough power for an adult. Also you might find some mentions about the scooter stopping to work altogether and some scratches and dents after taking it out of the box.

Now, mentioning the overwhelmingly good reviews these have, you will find lots of people really happy with the scooter and how it performs. There are owners that have been using the scooter for over a year without any issues. They have replaced the batteries during that period, but this was expected to them.

Some of the happy owners are parents, and some are adults that use it themselves to commute to work or helping them get to places quicker and not tired.

From one of those satisfied owners we got an interesting piece of advice about the batteries. We wish many of the bad reviewers would have had in mind these recommendations before using their own scooters:

  • Make absolutely sure you always keep the scooter turned off when not in use, leaving it on will kill the batteries.

  • Don’t store the scooter in a garage because low temps kill the battery.

  • The batteries are not like the ones in your cell phone, you don’t want to completely drain them and then recharge them. Doing so will kill the battery. The less you drain the battery each cycle, and the less time the scooter spends with a depleted charge, the better and longer the batteries will perform.

  • If the scooter seems sluggish, check the brake line tension, I loosened mine, and I saw a dramatic increase in speed and stamina.

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What is our verdict on the Razor E300?

We usually like to base our decisions on our own research of current owners experiences. This is a personal opinion though, and of course you can disagree or have your own method for deciding.

From our perspective, this is a great scooter, with most of the customers really happy and satisfied. And even for the few bad reviews, some of them can be ruled out in our opinion, because they poorly maintained and treat the scooter, or just because they didn’t followed the proper procedure with the battery charging.

This is a purchase for us for sure!

If you own this product, please let us know how it’s coming along for you. We are always looking for direct contact with any user of the products we review. Contact us and let us know your experience!


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