Segway Ninebot S Plus Review

Segway Ninebot S-Plus

Looking to boost the power and distance you get from a “standard” Segway? You can do by opting for the Plus model, rather than the more basic one. In the case of the Segway Ninebot S Plus – you’re getting an already excellent Segway model – the Ninebot S – and then some. It’s a definite upgrade – one you’ll likely be grateful you made very early in your ownership experience.

On the plus version, you get the same sturdy frame built from aircraft grade magnesium alloy and therefore, you get the same maximum load capacity of 220 pounds. Like the Ninebot S, the S Plus has got dual powered 800 Watt motors.

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Segway Ninebot S Plus vs. Segway Ninebot S

What really sets the Ninebot Plus model above and beyond the Ninebot S is that the plus version gives you faster speeds and a longer range. Specifically, you get a maximum speed of 12.5 mph and you can span a distance of 22 miles before needing to recharge the battery. Both are considerable boosts from the Ninebot S which offers a maximum of 10mph and a range of 13.7 miles.

Engineering At Its Finest

Go for a ride on the Segway Ninebot S Plus smart self balancing electric scooter and you’ll instantly notice just how well-engineered a product it is. Segway’s own smart battery management system means you’ll get extended life from your battery – and it will provide plenty of safe operation without worry. But we definitely can’t say the same about those cheap hoverboards that have flooded the market in recent years.

Segway Ninebot S-Plus
Segway Ninebot S-Plus

What The Segway Ninebot S Plus Actually Is

The S-Plus is a two wheeled scooter built on the same robust and durable frame as the popular Ninebot S. You get a solid base with a knee-controlled steering column attached. You also get larger tires – so you can confidently ride and feel safe at the same time. But the major appeal of those looking at both editions – the Ninebot S and the Ninebot S Plus – is the ability to ride faster and go further on a single charge with the PLUS model.

Automatic Slow Down When You Hit Top Speed

When you reach the top allowable speed, the alarm sounds and the Segway angles itself to slow you down. For some riders, this speed alarm is a little unsettling – even annoying. But it’s an important safety feature that prevents you from losing control.

Another annoying thing (particularly if you are an experienced hoverboard rider) is that you’re forced to watch a brief tutorial before you can increase the speed limit on your Segway beyond a crawl. Some say that is the toughest requirement – to ride for half a mile at a limited speed. This is designed to make it safe for first-time users. But experienced folks are likely to get ticked-off by it. The goods news is that this training is short and sweet – so you’ll be going full speed ahead in no time.

Half An Inch Does Make A Difference

Another significant difference the S Plus model gives you over the standard version are the larger, air-filled tires. We’re talking about 11 inch pneumatic tires (instead of 10.5 inches) which actually do provide a slightly more comfortable and smoother ride – something that is particularly noticeable on bumpier roads. This added flexibility also gives the operator better control over the personal transporter.

Maximum slope climb is 15° and the Ninebot S Plus takes those inclines without hesitation. The Plus also comes with headlights and an adjustable steering bar. It’s not just the big things like advanced speed and superior range that make the plus model a more robust and useful tool. You also gain the ability to have the device follow along behind you, thanks to the remote control functionality that’s built into the app. Very cool.

Segway Ninebot S-Plus
Segway Ninebot S-Plus

Be aware of its limitations. For example, you can only climb hills up to the 15 degree range. But overall, we think you’ll find that the Ninebot S Plus offers a fascinating, intuitive and fun ride.

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Get Out and About – Even Get Some Exercise

This can really give your leg muscles a workout. And the more you ride – the more exercise you get. But it’s important to practice getting comfortable with it before venturing out to for the first time.

Working out on a hoverboad? Check this article to know how to make your hoverboard help you improve your health.

The wheels are substantial with plenty of grip on any pavement, sidewalk, or floor. That’s important for comfort and safety. The S Plus is a heavy duty and sturdy, self balancing electric scooter with a stable platform and large wheels that provide a comfortable and smooth ride.

Keep An Eye On The Battery

You’ll want to make sure you keep the battery charged and never let it drop between below the 10% level. But you also don’t want to overcharge it either. If you try to operate your Segway Ninebot S Plus with less than 10% battery power – your speed will be automatically reduced. It’s built into the device to help you stretch out your ride and hopefully make it back home before it completely dies.

Allowing the battery to completely drain can permanently damage it. So it’s important to pay attention to the charge at all times.

Segway Ninebot S-Plus
Segway Ninebot S-Plus

What’s The Segway Ninebot S-Plus Electric Transporter Best For?

It works wonderfully on hard, durable surfaces. That means poured sidewalks and cement floors. indoors is best for the smoothest of rides, since interior floors are built to more exacting standards. It’s perfect for those working in large buildings that have to move about from one location to the next all day long.

But the Ninebot S plus is also great on dirt trails and packed gravel. You can drive it over grass – depending on the condition of the ground and the height of the grass. But it’s somewhat less effective over such a surface than it is on the smooth flat flow of a large convention center or shopping mall. *Always check to see if personal transporters are allowed.

Step Up To The S Plus

For moving around from location to location – this one is a winner – thanks to its maneuverability, added conveniences and extended range. Naturally, it’s going to cost you more than the standard Ninebot S – and understandably, that is a big deal to some folks. If you can spring for the extra cash – we recommend the S Plus. If not, go for the Ninebot S.

Certainly, the extra 2 1/2 mph can make a huge difference, as does the added range. But the “follow me” capability is more of a novelty feature. It may be kind of cool to show your friends. But how often are you actually going to use that function?

Segway Ninebot S-Plus
Segway Ninebot S-Plus

Segway Ninebot S Plus Accessories

You might think that since this is a “plus” model, it’s fully loaded and therefore you shouldn’t need any accessories. But that’s not necessarily true. For example, there’s a built-in security lock feature via the Segway app, which is good for quick stops.

But from a practical standpoint, it’s not enough to secure your Segway because anyone could come along and walk away with it when you leave it unattended – even though you’ve digitally locked it in the app. That’s why we recommend a sturdy bicycle lock with a chain so you can secure your Segway to something solid.

Segway Ninebot S Plus Handlebar

Your S Plus ships with everything you need to operate it and steering is controlled by the knees. This innovative new control bar on the Ninebot S Plus allows you to ride hands-free. But some folks prefer the comfort and ease that hand control offers. That’s why the optional steering handle has become another popular aftermarket accessory.

For some, this handlebar extension is a worthwhile addition because it seems to make it easier to navigate grassy fields and gravel paths. With an improved level of comfort and more natural control – it maybe worth it to you to gram the handlebar option when you order your Segway Ninebot S Plus electric transporter. If there’s one thing that would make this self balancing scooter even better – it’s adding the optional handlebar.

Another popular accessory we recommend is the Segway kickstand. This makes it easy to park your personal transportation device when you’re not riding and you won’t have to worry about someone knocking it over. Both the handlebar and the kickstand can be purchased separately.

The Segway Ninebot S Plus Specifications

  • dual 800 Watt motors providing 1600 Watts of power
  • 11 inch pneumatic tires
  • Maximum Speed 12.5 mph
  • 22 mile range on a single battery charge
  • maximum slope climb = 15 degrees
  • user weight capacity = 220 pounds
  • Segway app connectivity
  • Remote control “follow me” functionality
  • overall weight = 36 pounds

It ships in two separate parts. There’s the main frame – the base that contains the wheels and the motor. And there’s the steering bar or column. That’s the part that is the upright with padding which goes between your knees. This is your steering control mechanism.

Segway Ninebot S-Plus
Segway Ninebot S-Plus
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Connect To The Smartphone App

It’s essential to connect to the downloadable app and follow the instructions. This is a built-in safety feature to get you comfortable with the safe operation of your device, before you’re ready to roll at full tilt.

The “follow me” option is useful at those times when you arrive at a location where riding a Segway is not allowed – for whatever reason. You can simply have your device follow you on foot. It saves you from having to manually move it around on your own.

You can use the Segway app to set a variety of settings including the speed limit, custom lighting, and to move from beginner mode to full operation. The remote control some find more useful than others. The innovative new control bar allows you to ride hands-free.

Sturdy and Reliable

You’ll find that the Ninebot S Plus is a sturdy and stable device. One user says it’s “built like a tank”. So yes, it will get you there faster and you’ll be able to go on extended trips. But there’s a downside to this more robust version by Segway. It’s also notably heavier than the more basic model as this one weighs in at 36 pounds. So it’s more difficult to lift into the trunk or onto a bus – or carry up a flight of stairs.

Additional Features

This smart device has auto-balancing to keep you balanced while holding other items like a bag of groceries. Despite its considerable weight, it is compact in size and therefore folds up for easy storage . It will get you there faster. Yes, those 2.5 extra miles per hour (over and above what you’d get with the Ninebot S) do make a difference. Also got custom LED lighting under the deck which is pretty cool you can set it to strobe poles or other options.

Since the frame is constructed from aviation-grade magnesium alloy – it’s lightweight yet can you can support up to 7.5 times its own weight.

Although the manufacturer states that the Ninebot S Plus is water resistant, we don’t recommend you riding your Segway in the rain due to the delicate electronics contained within.

Segway Ninebot S-Plus
Segway Ninebot S-Plus

Factors Affect Your Riding Performance

You can expect an average range of about 22 miles, which is significantly more than the standard model offers. But range and top speeds are also dependent on the weight of the rider, the style of riding, the speed at which you are traveling, and the surface you’re riding on.

Typical charge time is about four hours. Once fully charged, the battery will last for about two hours of continuous riding at the top speed. But again that depends on the terrain, the total weight of the load on the device and your individual riding style.

It’s Easy To Love This Thing

What’s really great about this model is the self balancing feature and the knee control bar. It works really well to control steering. Customizable LED tail lights looks super cool too. But the main reason for the popularity of the S Plus is the additional speed capability and greater range.

Who Can Use It?

Getting on and off is easy for young people and more of a challenge for adults. What it takes is trust. You have to trust that the device is stable enough to stay where it supposed to and won’t move on you while you’re boarding. Once your feet are in place, you’re ready to ride and operations are simple and intuitive.

Older kids and teens tend to master the operation of the Segway Ninebot S Plus faster than adults. But isn’t that the way with all electronic devices these days? That doesn’t mean that only young people get to have fun. Anyone can ride one of these and have a blast. Even seniors find the Segway personal transportation device enjoyable and easy to use. It’s important have good balance though and to be within the weight limit. And always wear a helmet.

Some disabled folks love their Ninebot machines for shopping purposes. It’s a great way to get around big box stores like Sam’s, when a lot of walking is difficult or painful. It’s an easy to operate device and with a little practice, anyone can be zipping around in no time.

Other users report deploying their Segway Ninebot S plus device at their workplace. For those working in large indoor facilities where they’re on the go frequently, this could be an ideal solution. It saves both time and energy and won’t leave you as drained at the end of the day.

Segway Ninebot S-Plus
Segway Ninebot S-Plus

What Buyers Like Most About Their Segway Ninebot S Plus

  • faster speed and longer range
  • smooth and comfy ride (pneumatic tires cushion the ride over most terrain you’re likely to encounter)
  • it’s a very stable device and you feel safe just about anywhere
  • it’s a lot of fun and a great way to get around the city (it’s the most fun they’ve had in a long time)
  • assembly is simple and straightforward (just attach the lower base to the upper steering column and connect the cord)
  • customizable lights are a pretty awesome feature
  • stylish and sleek design that exudes quality
  • solid design and engineering
  • using the downloadable app is simple and straightforward
  • great battery life (chances are you’ll be surprised how far you can go on a single battery charge)

What Some Buyers Don’t Like

  • alarm that’s sounds when you get close to the speed limit can be unsettling (it would be helpful if the volume on the alarm could be lowered)
  • slightly more expensive (but you get what you pay for)
  • takes hours to charge the battery
  • headlight and backlight could be brighter (on a road without streetlights, the headlight is not bright enough to illuminate the area in front of you, thought it does make it easier for others to see you)

The Verdict

If you’re in the market for a topnotch self-balancing personal transporter with all the bells and whistles – The Segway Ninebot S Plus makes an excellent choice. It’s a smooth and effortless drive and it’s got everything you need to be able to get around freely and easily.

In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a quality hoverboard that gives you more satisfaction than this one. It provides a lot of fun and functionality for the entire family. Kids love them. Adults love them. Everybody loves them. The Ninebot S Plus is so much fun that some buyers are picking up multiple units so the whole clan can enjoy this fun family activity.

If you are on a tighter budget and you don’t mind giving up the extra 2 1/2 to 3 mph – as well as the extended range you get with the S Plus – you could always opt for a lower-cost model, like the Segway Ninebot S.

If you are still not convinced and you’d like to explore more Segway options, check out our Best Segway Hoverboard and Scooters article to get a better idea of the top Segway models out there.

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