The Best Proform Treadmills Reviewed: Our Top Ten List

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If you’ve shopped for a treadmill before, you’re probably well aware of the ProForm name. They’ve been making treadmills for years and have the most complete lineup of treadmills and other exercise gear. But how do you know what’s the best ProForm treadmill for you? We’ve narrowed the field to our top ten to save you countless days of research – to make things a little easier for you.


What Are We Reviewing For The Best ProForm Treadmills?

We’ve painstakingly checked out the entire home treadmill lineup from ProForm. Then we carefully made our selections based on the various features, benefits and overall value each model offers. And that’s what we’re going to share with you here. When it’s important, we’ll also share key specifications to help you better understand a product’s capabilities and limitations. This in turn should help you narrow down your choices even further.

Check it out and save yourself days of mind-numbing, personal research. Then confidently make the best choice for your specific needs.

The Top Ten Best Proform Treadmills

ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill

The ProForm Performance 300i treadmill can accommodate anyone up to 300 pounds. It boasts a 2.0 continuous horsepower motor and a tread deck that measures a sizable 16″ x 50″. It’s got built-in shock absorbers to make for more comfortable treadmill workout that’s easier on the joints – particularly the knees. This cushioning also facilitates faster recovery times between workouts.

On the 300i, speeds can vary up to 10 mph and there’s a 0 to 10% quick incline control as well. There’s also an EKG heart rate monitor built into the handgrips and the Space Saver design means that when you need more floor space, you can fold the treadmill up to reduce its footprint by about 50%.

Having those variable speeds and adjustable inclines at the touch of a button make this a popular treadmill for those who really want to get the heart pumping. It’s an excellent treadmill for losing weight and toning your body. Working out at an incline means you’ll get more intense workouts and will burn more calories than you could on a flat surface.

Like all ProForm models, the 300i treadmill is designed to be used with the iFit coach guided programming. This enables you to take your workouts anywhere and make them as intense and challenging as you wish to.

The motor on the ProForm Performance 300i treadmill is rated as “commercial grade”. It’s built from high-quality components it’s powerful yet smooth and quiet too. It can get you through the most basic of treadmill exercises like walking. Or, you can power through to the toughest workout you’ve ever had.

This model features a large LCD display that is Bluetooth enabled for iFit. You don’t necessarily have to have iFit to make this work however, despite what you might have read elsewhere.

There are many options available including 8 preset workout apps designed by professional personal trainers. Set goals based on calorie reduction or exercise time and get to work. Chances are you’ll notice results quickly. You can also boost the cardio benefits by increasingly the incline as you progress.

With a built-in phone holder at the top of this unit, you’re never far from an important call – should you need to interrupt your workout. You can also deploy your smart device as your source of entertainment.

By using the built-in ledge, you can read a book or tablet on the treadmill. There are two openings towards the front that can house a water bottle, watch or whatever you need to set aside.

This treadmill also comes with on wheels on the lower frame. This makes it a little easier to relocate around a room, although the weight is substantial. The footprint this treadmill occupies while in use is 29″ by 65″.

Most treadmills are quite large and heavy, so you want to choose the room to locate it in carefully and avoid unnecessary moving. It does help to have a full-size appliance dolly for moving the treadmill in the shipping carton. At 152 pounds, it’s not the easiest thing to move around and you should never try doing it single-handedly. Once you have it where you want it – assembly is relatively quick and painless. Figure on about an hour to two for unpacking and assembly.

Some people favor the size of this treadmill simply because at 29 inches wide it can be rolled through a standard 30″ door opening without having to disassemble.

ProForm Performance 300i
ProForm Performance 300i
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ProForm 305 CST Treadmill

The 305 CST from ProForm offers a 2.0 continuous horsepower motor and 18″ x 50″ tread deck. Speeds range from 0 to 10 mph and are accessible through the digital quick speed control. Inclines can be set anywhere from 0 to 10%. Even cranked up at full speeds, this one is relatively quiet and that’s an indication of a well engineered machine.

The ProForm305 CST also boasts a large LCD display, integrated tablet holder, 16 workout apps built in and ProShox deck cushioning to create a softer landing area with each stride and balanced rollers for smooth and continuous operation. And the tread responds well to the hard and consistent pounding it takes from those 200 pounds moving at a good clip.

With its Space Saver design, this treadmill folds up when not in use and can easily accommodate anyone up to a weight of 300 pounds. This makes it perfect for smaller rooms and apartments. Built-in wheels on the lower frame make it easier to relocate in a room. But the weight of the unit is considerable, so moving this thing around is not something you will want to do frequently.

It is iFit compatible, giving you access to the whole bunch of different workout options– including Google Maps – where you can travel the world as you exercise. This helps keep your workouts fresh and exciting to inspire you to keep you moving forward towards your fitness goals. You need to prepare yourself before you attempt one of the more intense training programs as the very speeds and inclines dramatically at a fast rate. If you’re not conditioned for it- you’ll realize that right away.

ProForm offers a five-year frame and motor warranty with the 305 CST and 90 days on parts and labor.

It’s a solid and sturdy treadmill. And it offers much of what a larger treadmill does – like the kind you might find your local gym. When operating this treadmill is relatively quiet particularly when walking at a good pace of 3 1/2 to 4 mph.

As the tread folds up and locks into position it sits at an angle that can make some buyers a little nervous to do its weight. But you don’t have to worry about it though as long as you feel the locks mechanism kick in as you raise the tread you should be good to go.

ProForm 305 CST
ProForm 305 CST
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ProForm Performance 400i Treadmill

The 400I by ProForm comes with a 2.5 continuous horsepower Mach Z commercial motor. The tread on this model is considerably larger at 20″ wide by 55″ long. Naturally, ProForm has included their proprietary ProShox cushioning under the tread and incorporated its space space-saving design format into the Performance 400i treadmill. It also boasts speed and incline adjustments at the touch of a button and a round LED display.

This is a great option if you want a single treadmill that can grow with you. You can start using it as a basic machine to get into better shape. As your conditioning grows, you can then ramp-up your workouts as your level of physical conditioning improves.

It comes with built-in EKG grip pulse heart rate monitors on the handlebars. There’s also 18 programs readily available designed by certified personal trainers.

According to the manufacturer the larger motor size and faster fly wheel gear ratio (making it more energy efficient) makes this a more durable build capable of handling higher speeds up to 10 mph while using less electricity.

With such a significant boost in build quality, it’s only fair that ProForm upgraded the warranty to match. The result is a lifetime frame warranty, 25 year motor warranty and one year all other parts and labor.

It’s designed to be used in conjunction with the iFit coaching app. You can take your training to a whole different level that way – but it’s not necessary. Not only will iFit challenge you physically it will also inspire you mentally as you traverse the streets of Italy, or the hiking trails of California.

With this spacious tread deck you won’t feel confined as you move, whether you’re walking, jogging, or running. The added length gives you unlimited possibilities. You can stretch out your stride full length with a sprint or walk as casually as you want. This treadmill can accommodate both extremes.

According to ProForm, their factory tests every tread belt they make for over 1 million cycles – at double the user weight capacity – before releasing it to the market.

There’s no doubt about it the ProForm Performance 400 I treadmill is a well-designed and solidly-built unit. It does have a considerable weight and bulk to it though. Overall dimensions are 73.25″ long by 35.5″ wide by 59.75″ high.

ProForm Performance 400i
ProForm Performance 400i
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ProForm 505 CST Treadmill

The 505 CST features a capable 2.5 continuous horsepower commercial motor, speeds of up to 10 mph, plus incline increases up to 10%. With the tread belt measuring 20” x 55″, this treadmill is a serious contender for an excellent all-purpose, all-accommodating treadmill.

It’s got all the usual things ProForm supplies as standard equipment on its treadmills including the compatible music port for iPod, built-in speakers, Space Saver fold-up design and the built-in eight EKG heart rate monitor on the handrails.

As an upgraded treadmill, the ProForm 505CST has also got 1.9 inch balanced rollers to ensure a smooth running track. Add in the well-cushioned tread deck plus a weight capacity 325 pounds and you get the feeling that this treadmill can take serious workouts on a regular basis without an issue.

Solid steel construction allows ProForm to offer a lifetime warranty on the frame. They also include 25 years on the motor, plus one year for all other parts and labor.

Overall dimensions of the 505CST measure 73.5″ long by 36″ wide by 61″ high. When folded, the size is reduced to 37″ long by 36″ wide by 68″ high.

This treadmill is worthy of some serious exercise. It’s up to virtually any challenge. So if you’re just getting started and you want to grow with one treadmill – this would be a great choice. It would also be perfect or for serious amateur athlete.

With a built-in shock absorption system, this treadmill helps protect your joints and encourages speedy recovery between workouts. It’s also more comfortable every time you work out when you’ve got a slightly softer surface then hard pavement or cement or packed-down dirt on a trail.

This space-saving design means it occupies about half the footprint when folded. And with the built-in wheels on the lower frame, you can actually move it – around although it’s a fairly big and hefty.

Get connected and you can also take full advantage of the Google Maps option where you can follow any path you want anywhere in the world. This can be exhilarating exciting and help keep your workouts fresh. Another feature of this treadmill combined with iFit is that it can be automatically inclined and sped up according to the path you take, or for the specific exercise program you’re participating in.

It’s important to note that iFit is not a necessary component. You can still use this sturdy well-built treadmill as you would any other treadmill without connecting the iFit – despite what seems (or at least seemed) to be ProForm’s attempt to direct people towards the automatic subscription.

Despite the larger motor this one is relatively quiet and you can hear the TV over the treadmill without cranking it up too loud. There’s a ledge with a lip built into the front to help secure a tablet or e-reader. This is particularly important if you pass on an iFit membership.

The 505 is built to be a solid structure yet somewhat compact in size overall. So it could fit into some smaller places and still give you a full treadmill experience.

This one is comparable to a lot of treadmills you’ll find at commercial gyms. It offers good value for the money and a complete treadmill experience. It’s easy to wipe down after a sweat induced workout and you can store it away to free up floor space.

Nothing beats being able to run at home while reading or watching a video or TV. When you’re done, you can just jump in the shower and you’re already at home.

As with any treadmill, it’s a good idea to put a mat underneath to help absorb the vibration and minimize damage to a carpeted floor. Most users report this machine runs extremely well even after many months of consistent use. The tread is ideal and provides a good grip for your shoes.

ProForm 505 CST
ProForm 505 CST
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ProForm Performance 600i Treadmill

As we progress through our list, each treadmill seems to be more robust than the previous ones. And the ProForm Performance 600i treadmill is no exception. It jumps a significant step up in terms of size and capacity. Most notable is the tread size. – in this case, it measures 20″ x 60″ in size. Naturally, it also features (presumably in upgraded fashion) ProForm’s own ProShox cushioning plus a slightly larger weight capacity of 325 pounds. It comes with a workout fan, dual speakers, EKG grip pulse on the handrails, a round LED display monitor and its iFit coach enabled via Bluetooth.

Like similar ProForm models, this one also is built with a space saver design. But one thing that’s notably different about this one is the easy lift assist that’s built-in.

22 onboard workouts are provided with ProForm 600i treadmill. It ranks higher and just about every category, including miles per hour. This one accelerates to 12 mph and features a 0 to 12° digital incline.

With such a spacious deck, there’s plenty of room to stretch out. So it’s capable of serving a lot of people of various sizes, weights and shapes. And with the added length on the deck, the vast majority can easily go into a full running stride on this treadmill.

There’s a built-in lip to help keep your tablet (up to 10.1″) secure even while running. And with a 2.75 continuous horsepower motor – there’s plenty of power.

Two openings at the top of the console allow for easy storage fro a water bottle, keys, eyeglasses, etc.

This ProForm Performance 600i comes pre-lubricated, so it should be good for daily use for a full year before additional lubrication is required.

It has Bluetooth capability. But unfortunately, it is only functional with the iFit application. But just like any other treadmill, you can access every function of the machine with or without an iFit membership.

Overall, the footprint of the 600i measures 36″ wide by 80″ long. Folded up, that length is reduced to 34″, but the height increases as the base is elevated for storage.

It’s important to note with these larger treadmills like the 600i you need to have a dedicated circuit for the treadmill alone, instead of having multiple devices running off the same outlet.

Be prepared to spend a little time getting this assembled. It’s a large treadmill and you want to have everything in the room that it’s going to be located in before you begin. it’s also important to take your time to get it just right.

Despite the motor being strong and capable it’s not particularly loud – and that’s a good thing. The built-in fan is a big plus and certainly adds to your comfort level on the machine. Speakers provided are okay – but they don’t have a lot of bass. Oh they do the job – just don’t expect stereo quality sound.

ProForm Performance 600i
ProForm Performance 600i
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ProForm 705 CST Treadmill

With a tread deck that is larger than most home treadmills, even taller folks with longer than average strides will find the ProForm Performance 705 CST most accommodating.

This model features a 2.75 continuous horsepower motor, 5 inch backlit visual display, a tread depth of 20″ x 60″, variable speeds up to 12 mph, plus a digital quick incline up to 12%. That’s a whole lot of treadmill capacity in a single machine.

The ability to adjust the incline with a quick-set button can play a significant role in building your overall conditioning, strengthening the body and toning and firming in multiple areas. Incremental adjustments make it easy to gradually add new challenges and ramp up the intensity to your workouts – whether you’re walking, jogging, or running.

Weight capacity for the ProForm 705 CST is 325 pounds. Not only does the frame have a lifetime warranty – the motor does too. That’s reassuring, since the motor is the key component and the lone power supply. According to ProForm, it’s actually a commercial grade motor that is also energy-efficient and relatively quiet – though most users rank it average or below average in noise output. All other parts are supplied with a two-year warranty and labor is covered for one year. The 705 CST is also iFit enabled so you can personalize and intensify your treadmill training to any degree you like.

The standard extras are also available on this ProForm model including: EKG grip pulse sensors built into the handrails, iPod compatible audio, dual speakers, balanced rollers, cooler fan, space saving design, integrated tablet holder and shock absorbers under the deck.

It comes with a built-in power cord that’s 78″ long. But it’s a wise move to deploy a surge protector (one that is rated for the machine) to help protect the delicate electronics. That’s the best way to ensure you get years of continuous use from your treadmill – whatever model you ultimately settle on.

Take your time assembly and have a helper on hand. Sort out the various parts and pieces first and then begin to assemble according to the instructions. once assembled, you’ll see that the overall structure this treadmill is rock solid.

One thing you’ll want to pick up in addition to this treadmill is a 4 x7 foot floor mat to act as a cushion underneath.

Although there are wheels on the bottom of the frame (making it possible to move on a hard-surfaced floor), the unit itself is weighty. So moving it about is not something you would want to do regularly.

Overall, the ProForm 705 CST is another solid treadmill and one most buyers are thrilled to own. After plenty of regular use, many users report being happy with the variable speed controls, incline adjustments and the metrics displayed on screen. In other words, this treadmill delivers where it counts most.

ProForm 705 CST
ProForm 705 CST
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ProForm 905 CST Treadmill

All of these treadmills come from the same factories. And you’ve got to think that ProForm is not going to be reinventing the wheel with each model it cranks out. But as we continue to climb the ladder in terms of size and capacity of these treadmills, we’ve noted incremental improvements in a variety of areas. The ProForm 905 CST is no exception with its 3.0 continuous horsepower motor and its 350 pound user weight capacity.

The tread deck area measures 20″ x 60″ and is cushioned to reduce stress on the joints – specifically the knees and ankles. Speeds range from 0 to 12 mph and the digital quick incline control goes beyond what most treadmills offer with a range from 0 to 15%. All standard ProForm extras – including two Coolaire workout fans, EKG grip sensors on the handlebars and 5 inch backlit display are provided.

Additionally, the 905 CST also includes the iFit Bluetooth smart chest strap to more accurately monitor your cardiovascular activity. it also comes complete with 30 preset workout apps and is iFit compatible. Incidentally, iFit is totally optional. You don’t lose any functionality by not opting for an iFit membership. Once you activate the treadmill by holding down the Bluetooth button (in order to bypass iFit) you never have to activate it again.

It’s very similar to the ProForm Power 995i treadmill. The 995i has a slightly larger weight capacity (350 pounds versus 325) and a larger monitor (7 inches versus 5). But the ProForm 905 CST and Power 995i are essentially the same machines from what we can see.

The motor ProForm uses on this model is particularly powerful. It’s built from high-quality components and stays cool even during rugged use and runs smoothly and relatively quietly. It’s more than capable of delivering adequate power for any type of training, whether it is endurance training, speed training, or interval training. As for the warranty, the 905 CST comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, with three years on all other parts and one year on labor.

This is a large rock solid machine that can handle the lion’s share of adults – even when working out vigorously. It’s more than enough for most people and slightly larger than the average home treadmill. The footprint occupied by ProForm’s 905 CST is 81″ long by 37″ wide by 59.5″ high. To give you better indication of the size, from the floor to the top of the deck measures about 10 inches with the incline set to the lowest level. This is important to note if you plan on using it in a basement with lower than normal ceilings.

This treadmill is really comfortable to jog or run on and it’s quite quiet comparatively. You can even use a tablet like an iPad in conjunction with the LED display while using the iFit app. What this enables you to do is actually view Google’s Street view of an area that you’re running through. IFit pairs perfectly with the treadmill and automatically changes the incline to match the route that you take.

It’s bulky and heavy and like a lot of these devices can test your patience when assembling. But you only have to assemble it once. What you’ll end up with is a well designed well built treadmill that can last you for quite a while.

The base of this unit is one piece that comes preassembled. This is where most of the weight is as it needs to support the continuous impact of your body weight hitting the deck. If you’re thinking of getting the iFit app, you probably get a lot more out of it from an upgraded treadmill such as the ProForm 905 CST.

ProForm 905 CST
ProForm 905 CST
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ProForm 2000 Treadmill

ProForm 2000 treadmill is built with a 3.5 continuous horsepower commercial motor. It’s a powerful motor and combined with the 2.5 inch precision machined rollers on the ProForm 2000 provide a smooth and consistent movement.

Tread deck size measures 22″ x 60″ and digital quick speeds range from 0 to 12 mph. One notable difference here is that the incline percentage is increased over other models from -3° up to 15°. That’s a significant range – one that can cater to any kind of exercise enthusiast or athlete.

Also featured in the ProForm 2000 treadmill is a 7 inch backlit LCD with a large racetrack display simulating a track and giving visual representation of your distance as you move. Two built-in 3 inch speakers – an upgrade from the standard inch ones – are also included as is an audio jack and iPod compatibility.

With this model, ProForm also includes their Bluetooth smart wireless chest strap to more accurately monitor your cardiovascular activity as you workout. Weight capacity on the ProForm 2000 is limited to 300 pounds. As for warranty coverage – both the frame and motor are protected for life. All other parts are covered for five yeas, plus there’s a two year labor warranty.

ProForm has been designing and manufacturing treadmills for more than 30 years and their high-level of engineering and technology shine through in the ProForm 2000 model.

It’s designed to be a versatile machine for anyone he wants to walk, jog, or run regularly. Getting onboard this treadmill every day will definitely help you burn more calories, boost your overall physical conditioning and improve your cardiovascular endurance. Plus, regular exercise makes us all feel so much better.

ProForm’s 2000 version is a lot of treadmill at a very reasonable price. Users comment on how they like how easily it changes from one speed to another. They also love the added-3% decline – something that’s lacking on the vast majority of home treadmills. you the added conditioning benefits of jogging or running downhill as well as uphill.

Clearly this is a slightly bigger and more powerful treadmill and the bigger they are, the longer it seems to take to assemble. Know that the bulky package is an awkward size and has a substantial weight to it. So be sure to allow a few hours for set up and assembly and always do so with the helper.

What you’re getting with the ProForm 2000 is the full treadmill experience. Many users are surprised by the way this machine can take a beating and keep repeating. Consistently it seems to run exactly as it should. The bottom line is that it’s a very good treadmill for the price.

ProForm 2000
ProForm 2000
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ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill

This thing is a best. It’s a powerhouse of a treadmill with a 4.25 Mark Z commercial motor. The deck size is 22″ x 60″ and offers a -3% decline as well as a 0 to 15% digital quick adjust incline range. Speeds go from 0 to 12 mph and are easily controlled by the user at the touch of a button. This model also comes with ProForm’s wireless chest strap for a more accurate measurement of cardiovascular activity in real time. You also get a built-in 10 inch HD touch-screen – which is an excellent feature to have when paired with iFit, since it makes for a much more engaging and sometimes beautiful experience.

Since it is iFit enabled, you can tap into this valuable resource should you want and ramp-up your workouts by adding significant motivation and variety into your exercise routines.

The weight capacity on the ProForm Pro 9000 is 300 pounds. This is a little less than some of the other models – despite the larger, more powerful motor. Rollers used under this deck include 2.5 inch precision rollers for a smooth and consistent tread flow.

It comes supplied with 40 preprogrammed onboard workouts and a space saving design, complete with an easy lift assist system. A lifetime warranty is available on both the frame and motor. All other parts are covered with a five year warranty, while labor is covered for two years.

Overall, this is a stable and powerful treadmill. Its rugged build ensures a stable and smooth operation and a treadmill that’s built to last. The large commercial grade motor stays cool through even the most intense and rigorous workouts.

This might not be the treadmill for you if you’re planning to set it up in a basement with a lower ceiling. That’s because the deck on this model sits about 10 1/2 inches above the floor when at a 0° incline and at 12° incline – the deck is raised to 16 inches above the floor. So it limits the amount of head space you’re going to have while using this treadmill in a confined area.

Despite its weight and bulk, this treadmill can be rolled on a firm hardwood, laminate, or cement floor. It’s difficult to move in on any kind of carpeting though. If you need to move it to another room, you’re probably better off taking it apart and then reassembling it in the new location.

Buyers report that this machine can take a serious pounding from rigorous workouts. So anyone who likes to up their fitness level and really get the most out of each workout – this one is for you.

ProForm PRO-9000
ProForm PRO-9000
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Final Thoughts

After thoroughly reviewing the most popular ProForm treadmills, we’re convinced that this company by and large makes terrific machines. Where they previously messed up was with their strong inclination to direct buyers to sign up for their iFit program. While iFit is terrific in and of itself, many buyers wanted no part of it. But they were being encouraged by the company to connect to iFit as the only way to activate their machines. ProForm has since changed their ways and now include details in their manual about how to easily bypass the iFit app and use the treadmill as you would any other treadmill.

Judging by the reviews and complaints entered online by past buyers frustrated by what was perceived as a forced subscription to iFit, you may think these treadmills are somehow not as good as we claim they are. But the fact is – these machines are solid performers. Clearly ProForm got it wrong from a marketing and customer relations perspective. But there’s no doubt in our minds that they manufacture quality home treadmills. We therefore feel confident in recommending the above ProForm models to you.

Which specific model you choose is a personal decision based on your needs and budget. Hopefully this article will serve as a guide to help make your decision a little easier.

And if you are still unsure, and want to continue researching for other treadmill options, please check our selection of best compact treadmills. Also we have a selection of cost effective treadmills under $500 here.

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