Top 10 Reasons Why Electric Scooters Are The Best Urban Transport

If you are wondering why so many people choose electric scooters to move around in urban areas all around the world, read on! You might even decide that these awesome personal transporters are the right choice for you too.


Electric scooters had been around for several years, and as time passed by, they had become an increasingly common sight on urban areas. Back in the day when they were starting to appear among us, they were most likely used as entertainment and fun rides, for kids and adults alike. It’s not unusual now to see people commuting to work in their electric scooters on the streets, cutting through park’s paths, or even with their devices compacted at their side on metros or buses for a convenient “connection” to their destination.

Yes, electric scooters came to stay. Whether you are already an electric scooter rider or a newcomer to this awesome and fun tool, you might find interesting to know the top reasons why electric scooters are great urban transports, if not the best…

Top 10 reasons why electric scooters rock the city transportation and commuting

1) Electric scooters are huge time savers

If you think that electric scooters aren’t good because of their limited speed, think again!

In most middle to large cities, and maybe even small ones too, traffic jams are a day to day issue most of us have to deal with. But no so much if you ride an electric scooter.

There’s no traffic jam you can’t easily slip through, as most of the electric scooters will be small and compact enough to pass through between cars and other big transports easily. Even in very tight situations, if you can move through it by foot, you can certainly slip through. Pick your scooter up, pass the blockage, and continue going, while the rest of the blocked people will throw awed and envied looks at you.

For those long commuting trips you can easily make “connections” by bus, metro, train or any other faster method. Same rules applies. Any issues, you have your scooter to save the day. And they speed up the smaller portions of the commute that you would have to do by foot otherwise.

2) Electric scooters can be “parked” anywhere

There’s no need to worry about where to park your electric scooter. You can leave them anywhere a bike can be left, but moreover, scooters can be carried with you almost everywhere! Most of the electric scooter models have a way to fold or compact them to store them efficiently in a closet, or even keep them under your office table or next to your chair

Image how cool you might look neatly dressed going for work, sharing an elevator with other people and with your electrical scooter folded by your side. Can you imagine the same situation with a bike? Yes, you now got the idea!

3) Electric scooters are cost effective

Why cost effective? Electric scooters, depending on the features they have, can display a really wide range of prices, from around u$s 100 for the ones targeting “small kids”, to maybe around u$s 2,000 for the “bigger adult / professional versions”. You don’t have monthly bills to pay for these ones, except for the small addition to the electrical bill (that for some maybe even your boss will be paying ;), right?). There’s no license required, maintenance is really cheap and most likely you don’t have to do anything more than replacing the battery after a couple of years.

How much does it cost, in comparison, to own a car or a motorcycle? Regular fueling, licenses, insurance, parking bills, regular mechanical services, etc.

Thinking that taxis, buses or metros can do the trick? Choose your favorite scooter price and quickly calculate how much time it will take to spend the same amount on metro tickets and buses… Do the math and in most cases you might decide in favor of the scooter for several reasons.

4) Electric scooters are fun

Do we have to say more? Riding an electric scooter, standing or seated is an awesome and really fun experience. If you didn’t ride one already, you should definitely want to try it out.

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5) Electric scooters are environment friendly

No matter which side of the Global Warming Controversy are you on. There’s no denial that the most used models of cars, SUVs, motorcycles, busses make noise. Real noise! And most of them also throw smoke out of their exhaust pipes that doesn’t smell like a fresh morning breeze in the countryside.

The day you can point me to a car model which exhaust fumes smell like roses, I will retract from this proposition. Until then, electric scooters kick buts all over in the “environment-friendly” category.

6) Electric scooters are safe

Almost all of the electric scooters models are built with speed limitations, not allowing them to go over 30 Mph. This is a pretty safe speed. If you follow the riding instructions and wear protective gear as suggested, is very rarely that you will have an accident. At least not to blame on the scooter device itself. Is true you have to be extra careful with bigger transports now, but you shouldn’t be sharing the same lanes with cars and buses anyways when riding these.

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7) Electric scooters are easy to maintain

The maintenance requirements for electric scooters are really low. It’s more than likely that you will never need to get a screwdriver to fix your scooter, but the few times you might need to do it, it would be easy and with extensive guidance and support.

The common maintenance task are changing a wheel or installing a replacement for the battery after a few years. Any of these tasks can be performed easily by an adult willing to spend a few minutes reading a guide.

8) Electric scooters are comfortable

Some of the electric scooter models have some sort of seat that the rider can use, and they are pretty comfortable. But also riding in a standing position is comfortable. Most of them will have a nice surface to stand on easily.

I know what some of you might be thinking… “riding standing is comfortable!?” Let me tell you one thing then. If you can’t be standing up for a few minutes easily and without pains or issues, the problem is not the scooter… But if this is your case, I’m almost sure you would love some of the seated models then.

9) Electric scooters are portable

You can take your electric scooter everywhere. They don’t weigh too much, so you can carry them all over the place and have them under your desk while working, ready to take you back home at the end of your working day. Your car? Your motorcycle? Nope, you must leave them parked somewhere, and usually not for free…

10) Electric scooters don’t have licence requirements

Most of the electric scooters models fall into a vehicle category that doesn’t require any driving licence. In most cases this is due to the fact that they have a limit speed, usually not exceeding 30 Mph.

This is a big plus. You don’t have to go through any regulations or red tape to get any licence, neither to pay for them!

Of course you have to play by the rules. And there are rules for riding electric scooters, so check your country or state regulations (we wrote an article specifically about that too!). Don’t be afraid though, following common sense is usually a good way to be inline with the rules: be careful, wear protective gear, don’t rush down a street next to a police officer spilling his/her coffee, don’t fall into a “pedestrian run-over spree”… you get the idea.

Final words

By this time I’m sure you are be convinced about how practical, functional and awesome the electric scooters are for the city dwellers all over the world. Without a doubt they are the best alternative transportation vehicle. They beat taxis, buses, metros and even Uber and Lyft 😉 . Have you tried one already? Do you have any other top reason to share? Please let me know your opinions and feedback, I will love to hear from you.

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