Two Wheel Segway miniPRO Review: All you need to know!

There are several Segway models that can be identified by the common name “two wheel Segway”. In this review we will be focusing on the Ninebot by Segway miniPRO. It’s a personal transporter device, aimed at recreational use, that for sure you’ll enjoy riding.

In this detailed review we will tell you everything you need to know about the miniPRO. From it’s specs to a detailed orientation on how to unpack it, assemble it, learn to ride, and a lot more. This article is your ultimate stop in learning everything about the Segway miniPRO!

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It’s time to unpack your miniPRO!

The miniPRO is delivered in a box. Check it’s contents and you will find:

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  • A quick start card
  • A limited warranty card
  • A knee control or steering bar
  • The miniPRO’s main frame: be careful when lifting it, as you might pinch a finger with it.
  • An accessories box, packaged under the main frame, which includes:
    • A charger
    • A valve stem extension

It might be useful to store the box and any other packaging material in the event that you need them for transporting your new miniPRO in the future, or ship it for service.

How to assemble the Segway miniPRO?

The miniPRO assembles in several easy steps.

Install the steering bar by opening its clamp release, and inserting it into the main frame steering socket. Once in place, close the clamp and the steering bar will be secured.

When the miniPRO is powered on, it can be steered without a rider on it, by pulling from the guide bar. It’s located on the top of the steering wheel, and can be easily lifted up for this purpose. But be aware that this guiding bar should not be used to lift or carry the miniPRO off the ground. Also you might not want to push on the guide bar while steering your device, as it might retract.

Once the assembly is complete, check the power on / off stats.

What does the miniPRO dashboard icons means?

The miniPRO will display several icons in it’s dashboard, located at the front of the main frame:

  • Power button: obviously, will indicate that the miniPRO is on or off.
  • Lock: it will turn on when locked.
  • Bluetooth: if the Bluetooth is enabled, but not connected to a smartphone, the icon will blink. It will glow steadily when the app is correctly connected.
  • Speed limit: it will glow when the speed limit mode is activated.
  • Power level: indicates the remaining battery life.

Your miniPRO will turn off automatically when idle for more than 10 minutes, or when laid down horizontally for more than 30 seconds.

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The miniPRO features a locking mechanism that can be activated via the mobile app. When locked, it will vibrate, flash its lights and sound an alarm if anyone moves it. The mobile app will also sound an alarm. Keep in mind that while in “lock mode” the miniPRO will not balance.

The miniPRO also features a speed limit mode that can be adjusted via the mobile app. When in this mode, the speed will be limited to approximately 4 Mph or 7 Km/h. This limit speed can be adjusted in the app.

When the battery is almost empty, the icon will blink, to indicate you that the device needs charging. When the battery is less than 30% the miniPRO will gradually decrease the max speed limit. And when you reach less than 10% of battery, it will be limited to 4 Mph or 7 Kmh.

The mobile app can be used to read the remaining power on the battery and also an estimate of the remaining milage you can ride with it’s current charge.

How to activate the Segway miniPRO?

Until activated, the miniPRO will maintain a very low riding speed and steering sensitivity, as a security measure. To activate the miniPRO, you will need to install the Ninebot by Segway App on your mobile device that must run at least Android 4.3 or iOS 5, and be able to connect via Bluetooth 4.0 or above.

Read the quick start guide on your mobile device and follow the app’s New Rider Tutorial before your first ride.

How to install the miniPRO mobile app

Scan the QR code in the quick start guide to access the Ninebot by Segway App.When the app is successfully installed, register and login. You should then power the miniPRO by pressing its power button. The Bluetooth icon will blink, indicating that is waiting for a connection to the app. In your app, click the “Search device” button to establish the connection. The miniPRO will beep, when the connection is successful and the icon will stop blinking.

Please, is important that at this point you should complete the New Rider Tutorial. It details proper riding techniques so you may ride safely and avoid injuries.

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How to charge the Segway miniPRO

Do not connect the charger if the charge port or cable are wet. To charge the miniPRO, lift up the cover of the charge port and open the rubber cap. Plug the charger into the unit and any standard A/C outlet.

Approximately 4 hours are required to charge the miniPRO up to 100%. It’s charge can be top off at any time. When charging is complete, unplug the charging cable from the unit.

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How to ride the Segway miniPRO

For your safety, please use appropriate protective gear to minimize any possible damage or injury. Select a helmet that fits properly in your head and with a chin strap in place. Good choices are approved bicycle or skate helmets that provide support for the back of your head.

Remember that riding the miniPRO improperly may result in serious injury to yourself or others.

Before you attempt to ride it, please read the quick-start guide, the manual, and follow the New Riders Tutorial that will demonstrate how to use the device safely. This 2 wheel Segway seems so easy to ride, that new riders might be tempted to omit this step, without considering the potential risks.

The miniPRO will limit your speed to 4 Mph or 7 Km/h until you complete the New Riders Tutorial. After completing the tutorial, the speed limit will be slightly increased to 6 Mph or 10 Km/h during the first half mile or 1 Km. After this you will be able to disable the speed limit, what will enable you to reach a maximum speed of approximately 11 Mph or 18 Km/h.

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To get you started, you need to select an indoor or outdoor location, with a spacious area that has a nice and leveled terrain with good traction. Do not attempt your first ride in places where you might encounter children, pedestrians, pets, vehicles or other obstacles or potential hazards.

Be aware and scan the area. Your eyes are your best tool to avoid obstacles and slippery surfaces. Scan your surroundings near and far ahead of your and your miniPRO.

For your first ride is better to be accompanied by a friend to assist you. Be sure you viewed the New Rider Tutorial on the app and read the Quick-start Guide in its entirety. Like riding a bicycle, it takes certain time and practice to properly ride the miniPRO, it’s a step by step process.

Ask your friend to assist you on your first ride. When ready, adjust the height of the steering bar to the desired point. Be sure sure to always step on from the back of the miniPRO, otherwise you risk falls or collisions because the steering direction is reversed.

Next put one foot on the miniPRO mat, while your other foot is still on the ground holding your weight. Take care to not press the steering bar with your leg. Then, slowly transfer your weight over the miniPRO and step on with your other foot. Stand with your weight evenly distributed on both feet, and relax while looking straight ahead.

Gently lean your body forward and backwards to control your movement. To make a turn, gently lean your legs left or right against the steering bar.

Segway miniPRO Specs

The miniPRO is not a toy; it was developed with advanced balancing technology that reads your movements via complex algorithms, sensors and processors at 200 times per second and reacts accordingly.

miniPRO Specs

Weight28 lbs.13 kg
Footprint10 x 22 in.26 x 55 cm.
Max Speed10 mph16 kph
Range*14 miles25 km.
Max Climbing angle15°
TerrainPavement, packed dirt, slopes < 15°, obstacles < 0.4 in
Charger100 – 240 VAC @ 50-60 Hz, 1.9 A

*Actual range depends on riding style and terrain

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How to become proficient at riding the Segway miniPRO?

You will need to become familiar with your miniPRO before leaving your controlled practice environment. The more you practice, the safer you will be when moving to new places. Practice on open and free areas until you feel comfortable with your miniPRO.

Practice until you can step on, move forward, move backwards, turn and step back with the same precision and confidence as you walk.

Before every ride, check for loose fasteners, damaged components and low tire pressure. If the miniPRO makes abnormal sounds or signals an alarm, immediately stop riding. You can also diagnose the miniPRO via the mobile app, and then call your dealer or distributor for service.

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What is the R/C Mode of the Segway miniPRO?

The mobile app will allow you to guide your miniPRO in remote control mode. In the app, while connected to your miniPRO, touch the remote control icon. Then you can drag the virtual joystick (the dot inside the circle) to drive your miniPRO.

Do not use the RC mode in crowded areas, and always keep the unit in sight. Do not stand on it when it’s on remote control mode, as this might seriously damage the unit, and yourself.

In R/C Mode the maximum speed is 3 Mph (or 5 Km/h) but you may change the max speed in the Ninebot by Segway App. Additionally, the Bluetooth range of the R/C is about 30-50 feet (or 10-15 meters). If your mobile device goes outside the Bluetooth range, the miniPRO will stop moving.

How to lift the Segway miniPRO?

When you lift the miniPRO off the ground while in balance mode, the power will be cut off, for safety reasons. When put back down, it will begin balancing again..

To enter Power Assist Mode, pull up the guide bar that it’s retracted inside the steering bar. The unit should be powered on with no rider. Now you can guide the miniPRO by pulling from the guide bar.

To lift your unit over obstacles, lift it by the knee steering bar. Previously verify that the bar is tightly secured. Do not attempt to lift from the main frame or fender as you may injure your fingers or hands.

All the warnings you should know about before attempting your first ride

A good personal transporter review could not  be complete without the important riding warnings. Even if this is not fun, they are absolutely necessary for a safe ride. So here they are.

Be sure you read the safety instructions and and safety guidelines before your first ride.

If the battery indicator is two bars or less (less than 40%) do not ride at high speeds or try to accelerate / deccelerate suddenly.

Avoid contacting obstacles with the tires.

Maintain a moderate speed while traversing small bumps or uneven terrain (2 ~ 6 Mph or 3 – 10 Kmph). Going to fast or too slow might make you lose control and fall.

Watch your head while passing through doorways.

Avoid slopes steeper than 15° or you may lose traction.

Do not suddenly accelerate or decelerate.

Do not accelerate when the miniPRO tilts back or sounds an alarm.

Do not attempt to override the speed limiter.

Do not get the miniPRO wet.

Do not ride through puddles or other bodies of water.

Do not ride double or carry any passengers.

Do not carry a child.

Do not ride over holes, curbs, steps or other obstacles.

Do not rock back nor shift your weight abruptly.

Do not attempt stunts of any kind.

Always keep both feet on the mats.

Maintain contact with the floor at all time, do not jump.

Do not ride on limited traction surfaces (like wet ground, sand, gravel or ice).

Do not ride when the ambient temperature is below 23° F (-5° C).

Where to get more information and support for your miniPRO?

To learn more about your Ninebot by Segway miniPRO you can visit

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