The Ultimate Razor E200 Electric Scooter Product Review

So you are researching about electric scooter options online, and the Razor models are one of the most mentioned ones, right? If you want to know if the Razor E200 is for you or your kid, look no further. We are going to explain everything you need to know to make a decision. From it’s features and specs, to what customers are saying after several months of usage.

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What is the Razor E200?

The Razor E200 is an electric scooter for kids around 13 years old. Age is not really the limiting factor though… weight is! The maximum rider weight suggested by Razor for the E200 is 154 lbs. or approximately 70 Kg.

With it’s full size deck and frame, even if you are not a kid but an adult that meets the weight requirement, you will feel good and comfortable riding it.

With a maximum speed of 12 Mph or approximately 19 KM/h, this scooter will allow kids and adults alike to have fun, and be a nice help for reducing travel time to the grocery store.

There are adult owners that even used this same scooter for work commuting for a year with great results. We will dive into this in more detail in a section ahead.

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What is the difference between the Razor E200 and the Razor E200S?

The Razor E200 and the Razor E200S are essentially the same electric scooter. The only difference between them is that the E200S comes with a seat that is attached to the deck. This, of course, will allow the rider to have a comfortable ride in a seated position instead of going standing all the time.

The Official Razor E200 Series Owner’s Manual will explain in detail all the parts and differences for both models, but again, only the seat is the distinctive feature between them in terms of the scooter capabilities and features.

Of course there will be differences in the packaging, the assembly process, and some of the provided tools.

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Who can ride the Razor E200 electric scooter?

As we already mentioned, the official Razor manual and product description specify this product to be used by 13 year old kids and up. But again, this limitation is more related to the weight and size of the scooter frame in relation to the rider body and weight.

With a maximum allowed weight for the rider of 154 lbs. or approximately 70 Kg., and a full size deck, it would be also easy and comfortable for an adult to ride it.

Younger kids can also ride it, if they are big enough to be able to handle the scooter. Keep in mind that Razor also offers a smaller electric scooter for kids of 8 years old and up, the Razor E100 electric scooter . We recommend that you use your common sense before allowing a younger kid riding the E200. It should be able to reach the controls comfortable and be able to maneuver the scooter without effort.

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How to assemble the Razor E200 and the E200S?

The assembly of the scooter is really easy, and can be accomplished by an adult in about 10 minutes, with the proper tools.

For assembling the scooter you will need the following tools:

  • 5 mm Allen Wrench (Included)
  • Two (2) 4 mm Allen Wrenches (Only included for the E200S)
  • 8 mm/10 mm/16 mm Wrenches (Not Included)
  • Phillips Screwdriver (Only included for the E200S)
  • Valve Extender (Located in right handlebar grip)
  • Bicycle-style tire pump for schrader valve tires with pressure gauge (Not Included)

We are not going to explain in detail how each model can be assembled, as this is explained in great detail in the Official Razor E200 Series Owner’s Manual, but we will list the phases of it, so at least you have a sense of what entails: attaching the handlebars, inflating tires, attaching the seat (if you got yourself a Razor E200S). And that’s really it… 10 minutes or so.

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What are the Razor E200 features and specs?

The Razor E200 is an electric scooter, powered by a high-torque and chain driven motor. It’s operated by a twist-grip throttle and can reach a maximum speed of 12 Mph or 19 KM/h.

It’s powered by a two 12V batteries packaged in a 24V sealed battery system. They offer a maximum ride time of 40 minutes before the next charge cycle.

It’s handle break applies a rear wheel brake and also a power cut to the motor, as an additional security feature.

As we already mentioned, it features a full-sized deck and frame. All steel frame and fork and two 8-inch pneumatic tires. This structure is made to sustain a weight of up to 154 lbs. (approximately 70 Kg.).

The complete assembled scooter weighs 40 lbs. (approximately 18 Kg.). It has a retractable kickstand to conveniently “park” the scooter.

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And now the specs in our usual table format:

Razor E200 Family Specs
Maximum rider weight154 lbs (70 Kg)
Age13 years old and above
Product Weight40 lbs. (18.14 Kg)
Assembled Product Dimensions37″ x 16″ x 42″ (93.98 x 40.64 x 106.68 cm.)
Power24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system. Battery charger included.
Maximum speed12 Mph (19.3 Km/h)
Up to 40 minutes of continuous use with a single charge
Full size steel frame, deck and fork
High-torque, chain-driven motor
Twist-grip acceleration control
Hand operated rear brake with power cut
8″ pneumatic tires (20.32 cm)
Retractable kick stand

What current owners of the Razor E200 electric scooter can tell us?

For this review, I spend some time researching the customer reviews in

From that research I found that, at the moment of this writing, 599 customers have written reviews for this electric scooter. Most of them are validated customers.

The product has a very good average star rating of 4.2 over 5. 82% of the reviews and ratings are in the 4-5 star rating range and are from really satisfied and happy customers.

The rest 18% fall under the 1-3 range, and while there are not many of those, in some cases a recurring issue reported are problems with the batteries not charging and not working as expected. Although in more than one of these situations, the owners didn’t follow the suggested charging procedure of 12 initial hours. I cannot assure that this is why some of these customers had problems, but just mentioning that from their reviews, it was clear that they didn’t proceed as the manual says.

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There was one customer review that really standed out to me. It was a customer from Seattle, a vary rainy city. This person is an adult, almost at the maximum weight limit specified for this scooter model. He used the Razor E200 to commute back and forth from work for almost a year, and the scooter really sustained the burden as a champ!

He ride it for an approximate total of 5 miles a day back and forth, under different weather conditions, being the rain one of them.

This customer mentioned that he took care of the scooter, cleaning it regularly and replacing batteries after some months.

This scooter was a great help to this person, and if it worked so well in such heavy usage conditions, I bet it could be a great addition for your kid too!

Remember though that it should be treated with some degree of care. Help your kid understand that this should be kept in good condition, and help her or him to learn to check and and clean the scooter. You will be doing a lot more than maintaining your Razor in peak condition!

A final note, and also mentioned several times among the Razor E100 customer reviews. The electric scooter comes in a box with images of the product, so if you are buying this as a gift, be sure to plan in advance how it’s going to be delivered and stored. You can destroy your surprise pretty easily if the person this gift is for catches the delivery guy leaving the packet on your door!

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What is your verdict for the E200?

After reading the Amazon reviews, I would go ahead and give this scooter a try. This is my personal choice and decision, and for most of the bad reviews, they didn’t convince me that the issues were a pattern or really a fault on the manufacturer in most cases.

The experience of the commuting customer was a great insight to know that this electric scooter can deliver if proper care and adult responsibility are the guiding principles in it’s usage.

I would be more than happy to add the Razor E200 electric scooter to my fleet!

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